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Coaching your Staff to Better Performance STC Conference Presentation © Beth Agnew, May 2003

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1 Coaching your Staff to Better Performance STC Conference Presentation © Beth Agnew, May 2003

2 What is coaching? - 1  Confidential, client-designed relationship that uses specific language to help the client devise workable strategies for improvement.

3 What is coaching? - 2  Is future-based  Focuses on accomplishments  Empowers client  Uses “charge neutral” language  Reduces stress

4 Effects of Coaching - 1  Increased self-esteem  Increased commitment to objectives  Increased ability to achieve goals  Increased ability to solve problems  Increased job satisfaction  Better work/life balance

5 Effects of Coaching - 2  Improved relationships with clients, peers, managers, stakeholders  Improved teamwork  Improved job satisfaction  Reduced conflict  Increased commitment to and within organization

6 Coaching vs. Managing  Client is “in charge” of the relationship  Encourages client to come up with solutions rather than imposing them  Client takes responsibility for the outcome

7 Coaching vs. Mentoring  Co-active relationship  Side-by-side not superior/subordinate  Client, not mentor, has the answers  Involves more than subject expertise

8 Coaching Relationship

9 Coaching Techniques  Permission – “Is it all right if we…?”  Open-ended questioning  Clarifying – Clarifying > Insight > Action  Lasering  Mirroring  Frameworks

10 Provocative Questioning  Challenges client to play a bigger game  Raises expectation levels  Moves client out of comfort zone  Inspires broader action  Breaks through self-imposed barriers

11 Clarifying  Ensures both are talking about the same thing  Increases understanding  Maintains focus on subject of conversation  Eliminates side tracks or unimportant issues

12 Lasering ***  Goes directly to the heart of the matter  High degree of focus on an issue  Shares “the truth” of the situation, not “my truth”  Cuts through excuses, procrastination, and self-deception  Helps client look at truth in a new way  Ask “What is the truth here?”  Timing needs to be right (rapport)

13 Mirroring  Reflects back client behavior, attitude, and language;  Helps client see what others see  Helps client see in a new way  Allows client to see the truth

14 Frameworks  Structures –provide support and focus; have limitations; invite conformity; rigid and static  Environments – provide support, focus and nourishment; can be physical, emotional, spiritual; invite freedom and creativity; flexible and adaptable

15 Rapport  Remove physical barriers  Mirror the other person’s physical stance – but naturally!  Make eye contact  Smile  Feel it inside, and it will show outside  Pace, then lead in NLP parlance

16 Inklings  Share your inklings with your staff.  Based on experience, knowledge and training.  May feel awkward -- experiment.  Increases the connection between you.

17 Distinctions - 1  Accomplishments rather than Results –Accomplishments imply work and evolution. –Results are measurable outcomes. –Accomplishments lead into new actions. –Results are finite.

18 Distinctions - 2  Collaboration rather than Discussion –Collaboration is a co-operative effort. –Discussion means to talk about. –Collaboration is 2 parties moving toward a common goal. –Discussion is 2 parties talking about their side of the issue.

19 Distinctions - 3  Effectiveness rather than Efficiency –Effectiveness adds value. –Efficiency is the shortest distance between 2 points. –Effectiveness can occur even when there is chaos and uncertainty. –Efficiency demands control.

20 Coaching Conversation  Agree on focus of the conversation –What should we tackle today? –Is it okay if we talk about meeting deadlines?  Explore options and solutions  Specify action steps  Remove obstacles  Review progress and plan next steps  Make commitment

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