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Department of Geology Brandon University Students Programs Facilities Faculty Research.

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1 Department of Geology Brandon University Students Programs Facilities Faculty Research

2 61 Majors 6 Minors Geology Students at Brandon U 2013-14 Paleontology class field trip to Stony Mountain, MB, 2008 14 will graduate in May, 2014, with Geology major

3 Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries in Geology > $45,000 per year Plus hundreds of Brandon University Scholarships ranging from ~$200 to $10,000 Student Support

4 3 Year Major3 Year Major 4 Year Major4 Year Major 4 Year Honours Major4 Year Honours Major Professional RegistrationProfessional Registration GeoscienceGeoscience Environmental GeoscienceEnvironmental Geoscience Co-op Work ExperienceCo-op Work Experience Minor in GeologyMinor in Geology Geology Programs

5 Mining/exploration/ hardrockMining/exploration/ hardrock Petroleum/softrockPetroleum/softrock PaleontologyPaleontology Environmental geoscienceEnvironmental geoscience GeoscienceGeoscienceSpecialization

6 Brandon Geology Graduates 22 % Graduate School 34 % Petroleum 34 % Mining 10 % Environmental and other Paleontology class field trip to Winnipegosis, 2006

7 RESEARCH FACILITIES Brandon University Micro-Analytical Facility (Founded 2009) Manager: Dr. Michelle Huminicki Analytical SEM Imaging Feature analysis Mineral chemistry Mineral ID Element mapping Materials analysis Bio imaging JEOL JSM-6390LV/GS Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipped with an Oxford Instruments INCA x-act Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) X-ray detector as well as high quality analytical and imaging packages.


9 Environmental Science Laboratories run by environmental science program RESEARCH FACILITIES Paleoenvironmental Research Environmental Analysis of soil, water & tissues

10 Great Bear Lake Dr. Hamid Mumin, Professor Mineral Deposits Exploration and Development Mineralogy

11 West Well Log Cross-section Dr. Simon Pattison, Professor Reservoir Geology and Paleo-Environments: SW ManitobaReservoir Geology and Paleo-Environments: SW Manitoba Tectonic vs Eustatic Processes: Western Interior BasinTectonic vs Eustatic Processes: Western Interior Basin High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy: WIBHigh Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy: WIB Alumni Teaching Excellence Award

12 Dr. Rong-Yu Li Associate professor and Chair Palaeontologist Paleozoic brachiopods: taxonomy, paleoecology, paleobiogeography, and evolution. On fossils from Arctic Canada Anticosti Island, Quebec Manitoba Ontario South China

13 David Greenwood (far R), and graduate students collecting Eocene fossils from Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park, Smithers area, BC. Dr. David Greenwood, Professor, Paleonbotanist Tertiary paleobotany & paleontology:  Paleoclimates & paleoecology;  Fossil plants & insects;  Vertebrate paleontology (with US & Canadian collaborators);  BC, MB (Turtle Mtn), Nunavut, (Axel Heiberg & Ellesmere Is.);  Australia.

14 Dr. Ali Somarin, P Geo Associate professor Geochemistry and petrogenesis of plutonic and volcanic rocks Geochemistry of hydrothermal alteration associated with ore deposits Application of portable XRF in exploration/mining (metallic deposits and oil/gas) Fluid inclusion studies

15 Research and analytical support Titanium Brandon University Micro Analytical Facility Dr. Michelle Huminicki Instructional associate

16 Peter Adamo Instructional associate Research Support Petrography Photography Digital Imaging

17 Dr. Harvey Young Research Focus Diagenesis of limestone and dolomite of the Williston Basin Petroleum potential of the Lodgepole, Birdbear and Red River Formations in Manitoba and North Dakota Geochemistry and diagenesis of siliceous shale in Southwestern Manitoba Bioerosion of temperate water carbonate deposits Professor Emeritus

18 Dr.

19 What’s New at Brandon ? MSc in Environmental and Life Sciences First Geology M.Sc. Student starting July 1, 2014, IOCG Deposits in the Northwest Territories, with H. Mumin Environmental Geoscience Hydrogeology Exploration Geophysics Current University priority A new core facility—for research and teaching, construction to be completed in September, 2014.

20 Department of Geology Brandon University Thank you ! Petroleum Geology class field trip to a drilling rig, 2008

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