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LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program & Work-Life/Wellness Resource Orientation for Employees/Managers.

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1 LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program & Work-Life/Wellness Resource Orientation for Employees/Managers

2 Agenda Overview of LifeWorks Services and resources available How to access the program Please feel free to ask questions as we go along!

3 Key features LifeWorks is available to you and your dependents as defined by your benefits plan. No additional cost to you to use the program as often as you like. LifeWorks is a voluntary and confidential program. Fully bilingual (English/French) National service Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Support by telephone, online via, and in-person Educational materials on a variety of topics TTY access for the hearing impaired

4 Confidentiality Confidential vs. anonymous Limitations Intake process

5 How does the program work? Ease of use: one toll-free telephone number for all of your issues Call triage process Immediate telephonic counselling available Referral to in-person counselling available Helpful, educational materials and resources available Research conducted on your behalf Available online at and via mobile

6 Our counselling approach May take place over the telephone or in person Short-term, solution-focused counselling Number of sessions varies and determined on a case-by-case basis

7 Who are our EAP counsellors? Minimum 5 years’ experience Master’s degree in psychology, social work or another human services field Members of their respective professional body

8 When to use LifeWorks Your toddler is waking up every night at 2 am and you’re exhausted. You’d like to be saving more for retirement, but money is tight. You need to find a summer camp for your 5 th grader. You’re going through a divorce and you’re worried about finances, where you’ll live, and how your kids are coping. You’ve started a new exercise program and you really want to stick with it.

9 Emotional well-being Relationship, marriage and family issues Stress-related issues Balancing work/life Mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety Grief and loss Addiction and recovery Anger management Services & tools: – Ceridian Depression Centre – Resiliency tutorial – Stress assessment – Depression assessment

10 Parenting and childcare Child-rearing challenges Single-parenting and blended families Pregnancy, infertility and adoption Holiday planning Special needs Bullying Services & tools: – Childcare Locator – Summer Camp Locator – Career Cruising for Teens – New Parent Kit – ‘Becoming a Parent’ booklet – Child Safety Kits – ‘Questions Parents Ask’ blog

11 Caring for older adults Caregiver support and resources Alzheimer's, dementia and other health issues Long-distance caregiving Living independently Coordinating in-home care Searching for and assessing assisted living and long-term care facilities Services & tools: – Older Adult Safety Kit – Facility Checklist – Home Safety Checklist

12 Education Kindergarten and early education Communicating with teachers and administrators Homework and grades College/university planning Career planning and lifelong learning

13 Financial Personal budgeting Managing debt Saving and investing Basic tax planning Buying a home Basic retirement planning Services & tools: – Online Financial Toolkit – ‘Your Money’ blog – Financial calculators – Online budget worksheet

14 Legal issues Speak to a lawyer for up to 30 mins at NO COST! Family law Real estate law Bankruptcy Criminal law Estate planning Services & tools: – Divorce Toolkit – Complete Will Kit (online) – Up to a 25% discount off services beyond the consultation (exceptions: Employment and Business law)

15 Health and wellness Diet and physical activity Stress reduction Healthy aging Living with a disability or chronic condition Getting the sleep you need Services & tools: – Eating Well Program: telephonic coaching with a registered dietitian – Ceridian Stop Smoking Centre – ‘Feeling Good’ blog – Healthy Weight Calculators – Nurse Line

16 Work and career Co-worker relationships Interpersonal and communication skills Navigating workplace changes Time management Relocation Shift work and telecommuting Career progression/change Services & tools: – ‘Work-Life Balance’ blog

17 Midlife and retirement Work after retirement Empty nest issues Growing as a couple Life and retirement planning Services & tools: – Online toolkit – Planning Your Future: Life, Work and Relationships After 50

18 Everyday issues Home improvement issues Moving and relocation Locating community resources Locating a family doctor Volunteer opportunities

19 Easy to use by phone Access all services through one toll-free number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Confidential

20 With you Search for information confidentially under five categories – Work, Life, Family, Health & Money Find hundreds of expert articles as well as online toolkits, booklets, and recordings Listen to podcasts and audio recordings Use interactive tools on budgeting, investing, home buying, health and retirement planning Email a consultant with an inquiry or arrange a call Order materials for delivery such as booklets, CDs and packets


22 Ceridian LifeWorks Mobile Access conveniently from your smartphone – it’s FREE! Device operating system requirements: iPhone: Operating System (iOS) 5 or higher (check Settings / General / Version). This is different from the model number. Most iPhone 3 and 4 models run on iOS 5 or higher. Android: Operating System 2.3.3 or higher BlackBerry: Version 6.0 to 7.1

23 We understand the issues managers face and the pressures you experience. LifeWorks is here to help.

24 Issues and concerns of today’s workplace Performance and productivity Absenteeism/presenteeism Organizational change Conflict management Flexible work arrangements & managing remote workers Personal use of Internet/smartphone Substance abuse/addiction Sexual harassment

25 Signs an employee may be experiencing problems Change in work performance and/or in behaviour Reduced productivity Forgetful or shows poor concentration Frequently absent or late Interacts poorly with co-workers Seems indifferent, lack of interest

26 When an employee is experiencing problems: Observe the employee’s performance. Document work performance. Consult with Human Resources. Develop a performance improvement plan with specific goals and timeframes. Discuss with a Management Consultant at LifeWorks. Meet with the employee to discuss your observations. Do not attempt a diagnosis. Discuss resources needed to accomplish goals, and refer the employee to LifeWorks for support. Schedule a follow-up meeting with the employee.

27 What is a Management Consultation? Service provided by LifeWorks’ Organizational Services team to support managers dealing with work-related issues or concerns Confidential sounding board Help with sorting out complex, sensitive issues Coaching for problem-solving, communication techniques Help with identifying resources Guidance available for when you need to refer an employee to the EAP.

28 Issues for Management Consults Employee performance, productivity and attendance issues Questions regarding harassment in the workplace Employee conflict Substance abuse concerns Supporting employees with mental health concerns Discrimination Organizational change Violence, threats and anger issues in the workplace Burnout

29 Critical Incident Stress Management 24/7 service available by phone to assess a critical incident and provide qualified trauma support and direction. Recommend: Defusing, Debriefing, On-site counselling National network of more than 450 consultants specialized in post- traumatic intervention. Type of issues: Acts of violence in the workplace Workplace accident Mergers or acquisitions Downsizing and reorganization

30 Types of Referrals Informal Mandated

31 Monitored/Mandated Referrals Consult with your Human Resources department first. Contact a Management Consultant before making the referral. Employee must sign a release of information form. Case numbers are valid for 10 business days. Fax back the signed ROI form. LifeWorks calls Authorized Contact to confirm that the employee has attended recommended counselling as per ROI form. Upon employee’s completion of counselling through the EAP, LifeWorks conducts a final follow-up.

32 Manager’s Guide When to contact us Help with a wide range of employee needs When an employee is experiencing personal problems or emotional difficulties How we can help Performance issues Following up Commonly asked questions Request a copy from your LifeWorks Account Representative.

33 Employee Effectiveness Seminars Delivered at your location or via webinar Facilitators are highly skilled professionals 60 minutes in length, or more in-depth More than 100 seminars available for employees and managers Topics: Managing stress Childcare and teen issues Balancing work and life Financial issues Enhancing personal productivity Helping older relatives

34 Manager Resources Series Special monthly series of value and interest to managers Available in English and French Past topics include: – EAP Referrals Made Easy – Maximizing Millennial Talent – Best Practices in Promoting Wellness Programs – Introducing the Psychological Health & Safety Standard – Managing Virtual Teams – A New Attitude: The Truth About Mental Illness – What's New in Managing a Diverse Workforce – Strategies for Creating Work/Life Harmony for You and Your Team – Building an Effective Training Strategy

35 Life Articles for Managers Rating our skills as a manager Leadership and motivation Performance management Communication Managing change Managing people conflict

36 LifeWorks… Increases employee productivity Decreases costs related to absenteeism Provides employees with the support and services they need to maintain wellness Prevents concerns from escalating Improves retention and recruitment Improves loyalty

37 Reminders Bilingual service available 24 hours a day Confidential program Products and services are available to you and your dependents as defined by your benefits plan LifeWorks offers support: by phone online in person

38 How to Contact LifeWorks By Phone Toll-free:1.877.207.8833 En français:1.877.307.1080 TTY:1.877.371.9978 Online User ID:xxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxx

39 How to contact LifeWorks By Phone Toll-free:1.877.207.8833 En français:1.877.307.1080 TTY:1.877.371.9978 Online User ID:xxxxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxxxx

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