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Xavier Fernando’s

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1 Xavier Fernando’s

2  RFID – the emerging battery free sensor that find numerous applications  RFID will fully replace bar codes in WALMART stores by 2010  Active/Passive Tags  Read only/writable tags  Used in smart cards, smart homes etc.

3 BandUnlicensed FrequencyWavelengthClassical Use LF125-134.2KHz2400 meters Animal tagging and keyless entry. HF13.56MHz22 meters UHF 865.5-867.6MHz () 915MHz ( ) 950-956MHz() 32.8 centimeters Smart cards, logistics, and item management ISM2.4GHz12.5 centimeters Item management [1] Table taken from RFID Applications, Security, and Privacy, Simson Garfinkel and Beth Rosenberg.

4  Design of an RFID system  RFID based metro-pass  RFID augmented photo album  RFID based exam hall supervision  RFID based smart-home for elderly care

5  Toronto down-town gets Wi-Fi coverage  How to make use of this for revenue generation?  Parking control using Wi-Fi  Traffic info-management using Wi-Fi  Inexpensive VOIP phone using Wi-Fi  Energy meters using Wi-Fi  Special purpose opportunistic networks

6 eZ430-RF2500 Development Kit ($49)


8  The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is calling for: § 800,000 smart meters to be installed by December 31, 2007 and § The installation of smart meters for all Ontario customers by December 31, 2010. Ontario will be the first, full-scale smart meter system in North America. There are several smart meter pilots running in Ontario now. Hydro Ottawa has started conducting its pilots last spring.  Past students who worked on this are now with Hydro One

9  Distributed power generation and micro grids have drastically transformed the electric power grid management and control  Communications play major role in power system management  Design of a wireless communication scheme for power system control

10  A thief will first cut the telephone line before attempting a burglary  Most current systems will fail in this case  What about a system that uses wireless network for emergency contact when dead telephone line is detected  Brainstorm


12 Award Winner in 2006

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