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Demand Response & Smart Grid

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1 Demand Response & Smart Grid
Nathan Ota Consumer Solutions Trilliant Networks July 14, 2009

2 Introduction To Trilliant
Company Overview Trilliant’s Smart Grid Offering Fully integrated Smart Grid networks for utilities 200+ employees Headquarters in Redwood City, CA with offices in USA, Canada, and Europe 20+ year history serving utilities in North America starting as Nertec in Quebec, Canada Acquired SkyPilot in May 2009 Unified Networking… secure multi-tier network Broadband Capacity… for current and future applications Complete Coverage… network tiers, geographies, and devices Open Standards… standard hardware and IP networking Customer Base “…the first 'future-proof' communications solution… full broadband capacity is critical for the growth of the Smart Grid.” -Jesse Berst, SmartGrid News 1 million+ endpoints installed 200+ utility customers in the Americas and Europe

3 Operating deployments across network tiers
Selected Deployments Largest NAN in North America today 900k+ endpoints installed 485k+ endpoints under network and communicating One of first integrated NAN / HAN projects in North America One of first NAN projects in Europe using RF mesh One of first fully functional Smart Grid networks in North America First integrated NAN / WAN multi-tier network One of first AMI projects delivering TOU billing to all customers 50k WAN units installed in 60+ countries 48k Cellular C&I meters installed across the Americas Operating deployments across network tiers

4 Regulatory Landscape in Ontario, Canada
Smart meter installations in all homes, small businesses by 2010. TOU default anticipated 2010, TOU available since 2005. PeakSaver DLC programs, CPP pilots.

5 Hydro One Smart Grid Overview
Source: Hydro One

6 Hydro One Smart Grid Vision
Source: Hydro One

7 DSM over Smart Grid Demand Response & EE Demand Response & DLC
Source: Hydro One

8 Separate anticipated RFP from AMI.
Smart Grid DSM Rollout Separate anticipated RFP from AMI. Operation over installed Trilliant network. Two-phased deployment approach. Smart Zone Full provincial rollout, business case dependent SLA compatibility. Vendor enablement.

9 Trilliant’s Multi-Tier Grid Network
UnityTM Head End Enterprise Software Grid Metering DSM Network Operations / Management SecureMeshTM Wide-Area Network (WAN) SecureMesh Neighborhood-Area Network (NAN) End-to-End Two-way communications from head-end to WAN to NAN to HAN Secure Open, standards-based authentication Open, standards-based encryption (IPsec, ANSI C12.22) Security partitioned by application and/or network tier Private NOT open to public devices NOT connected to the Internet Controlled and managed by the utility Resilient Self-healing mesh at all tiers (WAN, NAN, HAN) Multiple layers of built-in redundancy and fault tolerance Scalable WAN bandwidth can be allocated as needed for backhaul and Smart Grid devices NAN architecture is intrinsically scalable Cost-Effective No public carrier OpEx costs Low-cost endpoints for meters, displays, and other devices Flexible Home-by-home or territory-wide rollouts Effective in both very rural and very dense environments Optional Wi-Fi access for mobile workforce support, video surveillance, etc. Home-Area Network (HAN) A multi-tier architecture for secure private networking 9 9

10 Trilliant’s migration path for HAN
“Align” “Bridge” “Evolve” future HAN ?

11 DR + EE + DLC over Smart Grid. Phased rollout of Smart Grid DSM.
Take-away points DR + EE + DLC over Smart Grid. Phased rollout of Smart Grid DSM. Smart grid evolution. Multi-tier network Non-meter HAN gateway

12 Thank You! Questions? Nathan Ota Consumer Solutions Trilliant Networks
July 14, 2009

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