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April 28, 20061 Alberta Energy Information Exchange.

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1 April 28, 20061 Alberta Energy Information Exchange

2 April 28, 20062 Agenda 1.e-Bidding 2.Break 3.Introduction of Continuation Application Form 4.Automation of Exhibit A’s 5.Freehold Mineral Tax 8:30-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:20 11:20-11:40 11:40-12:00

3 April 28, 20063 e-Bidding

4 April 28, 20064 Outcome At the end of this session you will be familiar with e-Bidding, have had your questions answered and know what your company needs to do to be prepared for bidding starting with the June 28, 2006 sale

5 April 28, 20065 e-Bidding Topics Background Process ETS System e-Bidding Screens Being Prepared Conclusion

6 April 28, 20066 Change Change has been a constant in the sales process –The location of the sale has moved –The type of payment allowed has changed –The number of bid types has gone from three to one e-Bidding is one more step in the process

7 April 28, 20067 Manual process has some problems both for government and for industry e-Bidding will decrease human transcription errors, time to prepare and process the sale, speed up delivery time of bids, results availability and allow for file upload and download capability Why Change?

8 April 28, 20068 Paper World

9 April 28, 20069 What is Included in e-Bidding? e-Bidding includes: –Mandatory use of web-based system to bid on all public auctions –Both oil sands and petroleum and natural gas parcels and –Creation and pick-up of an electronic document

10 April 28, 200610 Process to Change We created the e-Bidding Working group through an open invitation to industry Department staff were also on the working group We set five go/no go dates for the project and all were successfully met

11 April 28, 200611 Process to Change We asked the working group how they currently bid and how they want to bid in e-bidding The department created the requirements for the system and the Working Group approved the document The system was built and tested –The working group tested the system for business functionality

12 April 28, 200612 Process to Change A four-stage pilot program was completed –Two internal pilots –One external pilot in a controlled environment –One external pilot in industry’s environment –Parallel runs for both oil sands and P&NG All were successful

13 April 28, 200613 ETS Site Administrator The site administrator maintains the company account and creates client accounts The site administrator controls who is doing business in the system in your company The same site administrator you have for e-transfers and e-postings will be for e-bidding

14 April 28, 200614 Roles for e-Bidding

15 April 28, 200615 e-Bidding Roles There are four roles in e-bidding and they are the same as e-posting, with one small exception* Creator Submitter Viewer Coordinator *

16 April 28, 200616 Creator Role The creator role allows you to access e-bidding and prepare a bid request The creator must attach a submitter to the bid request and may attach a viewer The creator also chooses the sale to bid on, decides how to bid (batch or single), decides what submitter to use, if a viewer is needed

17 April 28, 200617 Submitter Role The submitter role allows you to submit the bid request to the department The only bids a submitter will see are those assigned to him or her by a creator

18 April 28, 200618 Greyed Out Submit Button The submit button will show after you have successfully saved your bid request but won’t be active unless you have the submitter role To add a submitter go to the roles tab, add a submitter then save again

19 April 28, 200619 Viewer Role A viewer can see only those bid requests that they have been attached to by a creator A viewer is not required for a bid request; it is entirely your choice

20 April 28, 200620 Coordinator Role The coordinator role can view all bid requests made by creators that are within their assigned group A coordinator can assign a bid request to another creator In e-bidding, there can be more than one coordinator

21 April 28, 200621 Assign Group

22 April 28, 200622 Created By

23 April 28, 200623 Who Can See My Bid? Any company client account with the appropriate role will be able to see a bid prior to the close of the sale After the sale closes, both P&NG and Oil Sands Sales Groups will be able to access the bids There will be no release of data other than the winning bid amount and lessee

24 April 28, 200624 Timing The sale will close at 12 noon department time There is a snapshot view on the system of exactly what time it is at the department. The time you submit your bid will be noted on your submitted report

25 April 28, 200625 What is the Same?

26 April 28, 200626 What is the Same? You choose what parcels to bid on The highest bidder wins the parcel The designated representative and the lessees will be public information The annual rental payor will be confidential Failure to bid on a parcel you posted will result in a penalty

27 April 28, 200627 What is the Same? Your money will be withdrawn from your EFT account You can bid on the sale for the eight weeks between the public offering notice being published and the close of the sale If you submit two bid requests for the same parcel the department will take the highest bid

28 April 28, 200628 What is Different?

29 April 28, 200629 What is Different? You will use the e-bidding system to bid You will be able to withdraw a bid prior to the close of the sale using the system You will pick up your agreement documents electronically

30 April 28, 200630 Submitted Bid Request

31 April 28, 200631 NOT Submitted Bid Request

32 April 28, 200632 What is Different? Bids can be entered as price per hectare or bonus amount –Rent and issuance fee will be added by system You will be able to batch bids – mixing commodity type and agreement type as you choose Sales results will normally be available at 3:30 p.m. on sale day

33 April 28, 200633 What is Different? Amended parcels will show as red on the system You can create a file in your land system and upload it to the e-bidding system

34 April 28, 200634 What is Different? Cheques will not be accepted If two identical bid requests are submitted for the same parcel by one company, the department will use the latest submitted request –If for example you want to change the lessees, designated representative or confidential rent payor

35 April 28, 200635 The e-Bidding System

36 April 28, 200636 The Electronic Transfer System

37 April 28, 200637 Set-up ETS Account ETS provides secure access to electronically available information and services provided by the Department To apply for an authorized ETS account ID, you must complete the “ETS Account Set-up/Change Form” and provide an authorization letter Fax to Client Registry: (780) 422-9522

38 April 28, 200638 Change ETS Account Client Registry is accepting requests to add the new form types to your existing account Submit ETS Account Set-up/Change Form Add “Bid Request” and “Agreement Documents” in section B

39 April 28, 200639 ETS Security An account and password are required to prepare a bid request using ETS Authorization is required for selection of a site administrator and again to make a change Separate client accounts and passwords for every user within your company

40 April 28, 200640 ETS Security New security measures have been implemented Passwords must be reset every 90 days The system will “time-out” in 1 hour

41 April 28, 200641 The Bid Request Two options available to create a bid request Query by Map – select parcels from a map view PNG and Oil Sands – select from a complete list of parcels or load an in-house XML or CSV file

42 April 28, 200642 Query By Map The user will enter an area of interest and view a map Two formats: Oil Sands and P&NG View all posted parcels in conjunction with parcels for a particular sale Alberta Crown/Alberta Non-Crown Select parcels by sale date for a bid

43 April 28, 200643 Query By Map 

44 April 28, 200644 Query By Map 

45 April 28, 200645 Query By Map

46 April 28, 200646 Create a Bid Request 

47 April 28, 200647 Create a Bid Request 

48 April 28, 200648 Selecting Parcels 

49 April 28, 200649 Client Information

50 April 28, 200650 Save the Bid Request

51 April 28, 200651 Current Department Time

52 April 28, 200652 Submit the Bid Request

53 April 28, 200653 Submit the Bid Request

54 April 28, 200654 Edit the Bid Request

55 April 28, 200655 Edit the Bid Request

56 April 28, 200656 Work in Progress Screen

57 April 28, 200657 Sale Results Sale results will be released on the same day as the sale Results will be posted on the department’s website at: Look under: Our Business, the Business Unit (Tenure or Oil Sands), Sales, Public Offering To subscribe to results: Follow the instructions under either Tenure or Oil Sands, On-Line Services

58 April 28, 200658 Agreement Documents An ETS account and password are required to pickup documents from the system Agreement documents will be released approximately 10 days following the sale An e-mail will be sent to users The designated representative for the parcel(s) can retrieve the agreement documents through the Request Status Screen. XML and PDF formats.

59 April 28, 200659 Agreement Documents 

60 April 28, 200660 Now What?

61 April 28, 200661 Training Hands-on training will be held in May and June –Send your name, e-mail address and phone number to: On-line training is being created e-bidding manual will be available

62 April 28, 200662 Responsibilities The department is responsible: –to ensure e-Bidding is working and available –that the integrity of the sale is maintained and –training is available for industry You are responsible: –for your computer hardware –for your internet access –For who accesses e-Bidding for your company and –to have sufficient people trained

63 April 28, 200663 Risk Mitigation Plans The department has reviewed their risks and have plans in place to mitigate them For example, if ETS is down the anytime during 11:00-12:00 of the sale day, the closure of the sale will be delayed two hours Industry needs to review their risks and prepare plans

64 April 28, 200664 What You Need To Begin Your company needs an active ETS (Electronic Transfer System) account Your site administrator needs to request access to e-Bidding and Agreements You need to have your site administrator set you up with a client account dependent on what access you will need (roles) –Roles define the access you will have to the system

65 April 28, 200665 Conclusion We are fundamentally automating the system, not changing the business. Defining roles is critical Adequate training will be provided Effective June 28, 2006 e-Bidding is the only method for bidding on oil sands or P&NG parcels

66 April 28, 200666 Miscellaneous

67 April 28, 200667 Helpful Hints for e-Bidding Click on the word All to sort the parcels you have chosen to the top

68 April 28, 200668 Click on the box under the word All to choose all the parcels of the sale Helpful Hints for e-Bidding

69 April 28, 200669 Control + Home takes you to the top of the screen Control + End takes you to the bottom of the screen Error messages will stay on the screen even after correcting them, until you do another save Helpful Hints for e-Bidding

70 April 28, 200670 Save and Submit Buttons Save and Submit are two different functions Save will validate your request and you will get a bid request number with a successful save Submit sends the bid to the department, and it is only submitted bids that are considered

71 April 28, 200671 Helpful Hints for e-Bidding The web navigation buttons are not to be used in e-bidding or you can lose all your data  

72 April 28, 200672 Overlapping Sales Although the system is live May 3, it will initially only show the sale for June 28 May 3, 17 and 31 as well as the June 14 sale will all be manual sales June 28 and subsequent sales are electronic As the Public Offering Notices are published for subsequent sales, they will come on line

73 April 28, 200673 Contacts Electronic Fund Transfer –Oil Sands: Shamee Hoosein (780) 427-9076 –P&NG: Chris Fortner (780) 422-9110 ETS Account –Client Registry (780) 422-1395

74 April 28, 200674 Contacts Questions on ETS –Susan Haselgruber (780) 415-2126 Questions on the Sales Process –Oil Sands: Shamee Hoosein (780) 427-9076 –P&NG: Liz Crowe (780) 422-9431

75 April 28, 200675 Question Period QUESTIONS e-Bidding (Brenda Allbright and Retha Purkis)

76 April 28, 200676 Questions Period QUESTIONS Continuation Application Form (Susan Carlisle) Automated Exhibit A’s (Grace Matias) e-Freehold Mineral Tax (Brenda Curle)

77 April 28, 200677 Closing Remarks You now know what e-bidding entails, have seen the revised Continuation application form, are aware of a new opportunity to help automate Exhibit A’s, and have caught up on the Freehold Mineral Tax project

78 April 28, 200678 Monthly Statement Process As advised last year, the monthly statement process for mineral accounts will become mandatory effective July 1, 2006 Please see Information Letter 2006-10 for more details.

79 April 28, 200679 Thank You On behalf of the Department of Energy, CAPL and CAPLA, thank-you for attending this year’s Information Exchange

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