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Student Support Services MA Social Work 2011 Entry.

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1 Student Support Services MA Social Work 2011 Entry

2 Student Support Centres Advice and Guidance Financial Support Counselling Service International Student Support Disability and Dyslexia Service

3 Advice and Guidance Advice and Support with practical issues Student funding Money Debt State Benefits Housing Academic Issues Welfare Part-time employment

4 Financial Support Range of support to help in cases of unexpected hardship Financial Contingency Fund Trust Funds Charities Emergency Loans

5 Counselling Short term individual counselling Group work Self-help/referral International Student Support Visa renewal assistance Immigration questions Liaison with Embassies or Home Office

6 Disability and Dyslexia Service Screening and assessments Help claiming Disabled Students’ Allowance Study skills tuition Mental Health Adviser

7 Where? 50 Park Place, Cathays 2 nd Floor, Cardigan House, Heath Park How? Drop-in Appointments Phone calls Emails Talks and workshops Self-help FAQs, DVDs, website

8 Daycare Centre 43-45 Park Place, Cathays 10 weeks to 5 years 8am-6pm Monday - Friday Jacqui Kempa on 029 20 874135

9 How will I fund my time at university? Social work funding Savings Professional and Career Development Loan Additional funding

10 Tuition fees Course fee £4,500 for home students (2010/11) Tuition fee contribution from social work funding non income-assessed £3,390 (Wales) or £3,440 (England) Student pays £1,110 (Wales) or £1,060 (England) per year

11 Social Work Bursary Paid in 3 instalments (Oct, Jan, Apr) Home address in Wales Home address in England Social Work Bursary (non-income assessed) £2500 per year£3362 per year Extra Bursary (assessed on household income) Additional Graduate Bursary Max £2570 Maintenance Grant Max £2608

12 Placement Travel Home address in Wales Home address in England Practice Learning Opportunities Allowance (placement costs) £750 per year Bursary includes £862 PLOA Additional travel Up to £50/day for travel and accommodation Not available non income-assessed

13 Additional funding Income assessed Home address in Wales Home address in England Parent’s Learning Allowance £1505 max£1508 max Childcare Grant 1 child = up to £160/wk 2 or more children = up to £274/wk 1 child = up to £148.75/wk 2 or more children = up to £255/wk Adult Dependent’s Grant £2645 max£2642 max Disabled Student’s Allowance Non income-assessed Depends on student’s needs

14 Care Council for Wales 0845 0700 249 E-mail Application forms available to download from June. Deadline August 2011.

15 NHS Business Services Authority 08456 10 11 22 E-mail Apply May – July. Check website for dates and deadlines. Can apply until March 2012 but Bursary is on a first-come, first-served basis.

16 Costs of living in Cardiff Estimated costs of living in Cardiff for 2010/11 ExpensesMonthly costYearly cost Rent£250£3,000 Bills (water, gas, electricity and insurance)£39£468 Food£120£1,440 Books/copying£34£408 Social/leisure£106£1,272 Clothes£44£528 Laundry and Toiletries£26.33£314 Travel£23£508 Telephone and TV licence£42.33£508 Total£684.66£8,214

17 Accommodation costs in Cardiff Cost per monthCost per year Shared house£220 - £280 plus deposit/ bills £2,640 - £3,360 Flat/ family accommodation £450 - £550+ plus deposit/ bills £5,400 - £6,600+ Residences – room in shared flat £275 - £375 inc. bills £3,300 - £4,500 full year resi period Residences – couple/family accom £383 - £570 inc. bills £4,600 - £6,840 full year

18 Moving to Cardiff? Private sector housing list - RESI Letting agents – ALMA/ Student Letting in Union University Residences - 029 20874849 Postgraduate House Hunting Event –August 2011, see Graduate centre website or call 029 2087 0046 Flatmate websites/ noticeboards Remember: Tenancy deposit scheme Check your contract Additional licensing in Cathays

19 Further information Current students ↓ Student support

20 Contact us 50 Park Place, Cathays Park Campus 029 2087 4844 2nd Floor, Cardigan House, Heath Park Campus 029 2074 2070

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