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Getting into University

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1 Getting into University
Ian Douglas

2 Know your self Aim in life Possible career Skills development
Learning style Learning environment Location

3 WHY GO TO UNIVERSITY? The Experience Enjoy the study of a Subject
Take up something New Broaden and Deepen Improve Career chances Gain Independence To have a good time Get a good Degree

4 Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
Subject University Money Living away from home Psychology

5 Graduate employer selection criteria
Academic Ability Determination Self Confidence Communication Common Sense Willingness to learn/flexibility Analytical mind Accepts responsibility Teamwork Personal organisation Self Motivation Ambition

6 INFORMATION SOURCES UCAS points A levels AS level
A*= EPQ only A* = 70 A = 120 A = 60 B = 100 B = 50 C = 80 C = 40 D = 60 C = 30 E = 40 E = 20






12 Subject choice Leads to chosen Career Develops skills
Subjects you enjoy Assessment methods 3 years is a long time It must be student’s choice Entry requirements

13 COURSE TYPE Full-time - 3 years to degree
Sandwich - 4 years, including 1 year in employment Extended - 1 extra ‘front-end’ year Enhanced - 1 extra ‘integrated’ year Foundation Degree(FD) - 2 years, frequently in FE College Top-Up FD to degree Gap Year - Deferred Application, Deferred Entry. BA B Eng BSc MA M Eng MSc Ph D

14 LOCATION - visit PLAN your VISIT
Campus - Essex, Exeter, Hertfordshire, Nottingham, Warwick City - Sheffield, London, Leeds, Oxford & Cambridge Rural - Lampeter, Harper Adams Distance ? – Daily commute, Home at weekends, Away for term , cost & time implications PLAN your VISIT

15 Saturday 11 Oct 2014 Sunday Oct 2014 9.30am – 3pm

16 UCAS application Early application Perfect form
Effective personal statement Choices following research Realistic entry requirements Plan a Contingency

17 Personal statement Show Admissions Tutor you can: Survive and thrive
Enthusiasm Skills and experience Subject understanding Career ambition

18 UCAS dates 1 September 2014 applications open for 2015
15 October 2014 for the universities of Oxford, Cambridge or any professional course in medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry. CHECK School deadline for applications Student loan application opens approx March 2015 7 May Confirmed 1st choice and Insurance Be at home on results day Thursday 21 August 2015 Clearing ??? Late September, Early October enrol on chosen course

19 Money: Key Points Tuition Fees Loan Maintenance Loan Maintenance Grant
-Repayable -Available to everyone Maintenance Loan - Available to all but dependent on household income Maintenance Grant Non-repayable Dependent on household income Scholarships -Non-repayable -Vary across institutions -National Scholarship Programme Fees Living costs Academic costs Mention the NSP when talking about scholarships Investigate Subject/Company/University SCHOLARSHIPS

20 Maintenance Support-Loan Living Costs
Full-time students can apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs, which is repayable The exact amount you can borrow will depend on several factors such as: -your household income -where you decide to live -when your start your course

21 Student Finance 2014/15 Household Maintenance Fee Total Scholarships
Income Grant Loan Total Max Loan Bursary etc

22 Student Finance 2014/15 Household Maintenance Fee Total Scholarships
Income Grant Loan Total Max Loan Bursary etc

23 Repayment Loans Only when earning > £21,000
Only pay 9% of income above £21,000 Pay drops below this payments stop Deducted via tax system Loan written off after 30 years No penalty for early repayment

24 Starts April After Graduation
Gross Salary Amount of salary from which 9% will be deducted Monthly repayment £21,000 £ £ 0 £25,000 £4,000 £30.00 £30,000 £9,000 £67.50 £35,000 £14,000 £105.00 £40,000 £19,000 £142.50 £45,000 £24,000 £180.00 £50,000 £29,000 £217.50 £55,000 £34,000 £255.00 £60,000 £39,000 £292.50

25 Start planning your finances now

26 What do you spend now ?

27 Where does the money come from ?

28 Income Maintenance Loan Maintenance Grant Parental contributions
Gap Year earnings Part-time work Scholarships / Sponsorships Savings from holiday work Placement earnings

29 Expenditure Rent Household bills TV Licence Phone Food Household items
Clothes Socialising Sports and clubs Insurance Car expenses Travel Books/Stationery Toiletries Get a student bank account

30 What to do next? RESEARCH YOUR OPTIONS
Keep checking the websites of institutions you are interested in BUILD UP YOUR SKILLS AND RECORD ACTIVITIES etc. Work hard and get good grades at end of lower 6th


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