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FARNHAM SWIMMING CLUB Established in 1893 with 30 swimmers in the River Wey, 5 years before the first swimming pool was built In 1895 records show a competition.

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2 FARNHAM SWIMMING CLUB Established in 1893 with 30 swimmers in the River Wey, 5 years before the first swimming pool was built In 1895 records show a competition took place between Farnham and Guildford The first swimming baths were built in 1898 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria The Club had a brief break during the World Wars By 1931 membership had grown to over 100 and in 1932 a new pool was built A new pool was built in Aldershot and no time could be found for the Farnham swimmers - status quo today 1978 was a very important year for the swimmers as the pool was fitted with heating plant. September 1981 saw the opening of the long awaited Farnham Sports Centre complete with heating and a roof, what luxury In 2009 Farnham Sports Centre was refurbished with spectator seating and electronic timing introduced. In 2012 44 club swimmers gained places in the Surrey County Championships including 26 new entrants!

3 Club Management with a Difference Management Team – strong, approachable and committed to making FSC more than just a swimming club Management Team – all volunteers bring a wealth of experience from the business world Management Compliance – must do ASA Wavepower introduced – welfare reform for protection of the workforce and Children Processes and procedures updated and simplified Swim 21 re-accreditation achieved July 2012, with plaudits from the governing body Management Innovation - On the back of the success in Swim 21 we were asked by the ASA to be ‘Beacon Club’ to support other Surrey swimming clubs in Swim 21 accreditation and partnering. Opened up further education for swimmers Opened up training and qualifications for Senior members of the team Opened up training for Parents and helpers Management Processes from Business 1-2-1 meetings Formal Performance Reviews Goal Setting Use local business to help train our teams Succession Planning

4 From Swimming at 3 to a Degree

5 Supporting schools in the first instance to GCSE’s and A levels NVQ’s City And Guilds Apprenticeships BTEC National and Higher National Degree’s Education & Training

6 Getting Swimmers into Work Training 30 Young People have trained and become qualified to enter the Job market in various roles over 6 years. 13 are working in the Leisure Industry 8 are in Further Education 10 have used their qualifications into there first job Training programme promoted and supported to give younger members skills for life Coaching Qualifications – ASA Nationally recognised Level 1,2,3 Teaching Qualification Level 1,2,3 Coaching Qualification Water Safety RLSS Lifeguard Training and Qualification Nationally Recognised Level 1 Level 2

7 Getting Swimmers into Work Apprenticeships NVQ (NQF) | Sport and Recreation NVQ Level 1 in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations NVQ Level 2 in Instructing Exercise and Fitness NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety NVQ Level 2 in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations (Activity Leadership) NVQ Level 2 in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations (Coaching, Teaching and Instructing) NVQ Level 2 in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations (Operational Services) NVQ Level 3 in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance NVQ Level 3 in Leisure Management NVQ Level 3 in Sports Development BTEC National (ONC), Higher National (HNC) and Diploma (HND) Sport Sport and Exercises Science Nutrition Awareness Society, Health and Development City & Guilds Exercise and Fitness Conversion of Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status (4906) Exercise and Fitness (4903) Exercise and Fitness VRQs (4926) Exercise Referral (QCF) (4907) Fitness Instructing (4853) Instructing Exercise and Fitness (4840) City & Guilds Spectator Safety Spectator Safety (6852) Stewarding at Spectator Events (6851) City & Guilds Sport and Active Leisure Active Leisure and Learning (4834) Activity Leadership (4965) Coaching (4961) Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning (4835) Event Volunteering (4841) Introductory Work in the Outdoors (QCF) (0240) Leisure Management (4850) Preparation for Event Volunteering (3246) Progression Award in Sport and Leisure (6951) Sport and Leisure (4863) Sport and Recreation Management HLQ (4443) Sport Excellence (4862) Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations (4833) As a club we have and will support our trained swimmers into Work using the Apprenticeship method and the courses set out below

8 Getting Swimmers into Work Case Study GAP YEAR: “FAST TRACK” APPRENTICESHIP Addenais Vachon worked part time for us supporting the coaches whilst she was at All Hallows studying for her A-Levels. We developed a plan with Swim UK that meant Addy could do a fast track apprenticeship at the start of her gap year. “I was working as a trainee coach in my last year of 6 th form college. I started assisting in lessons and took my ASA level 1 (as I was under 19 it was free!). I had already decided to take a gap year before university but hadn’t decided what to do with it. I knew I enjoyed my work at the pool and wanted support my mother who was the Head Coach of the Academy. I originally did my level 1 with Swim UK and they suggested that I might be eligible to do a swimming teaching apprenticeship when I finished my A levels (as long as I was working an average of 16 hours a week at a pool). I wanted to get my level 2 qualification – I enjoyed swimming and I knew that L2 teachers often earn more than £12 an hour. I also knew that it would help support me financially when I started at university. I started planning my apprenticeship with SWIM UK in April 2010. They booked me in to start my L2 in July 2010. I had to be flexible but I completed my programme very quickly. In all I earned 5 qualifications from my apprenticeship (including my level 2). I left for Uni in October 2011 and have supported my Club as a stand in coach when I return during vacation. Club comment: The Club is very proud to have supported Addy both in the water and out. She is a very talented individual who represented her club in the National arena and for her Country. Addy trained, competed, and studied during her A levels, a most stressing time of her life, to finish with A stars to get be accepted to Oxford University.

9 Training Business Supporting swimmers through formal coaching qualifications Supporting teachers in training Supporting other Swim Schools and Clubs Training Leisure Industry Staff in the RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

10 Training Business We have trained swimmers and staff from other businesses in the following: ASA Level 1 Award in Teaching Aquatics (QCF) ASA Level 1 Award in Coaching Swimming (QCF) ASA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics (QCF) ASA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Swimming (QCF) ASA UKCC Level 3 Coaching Swimming ASA UKCC Level 4 Master Coach Programme (High Performance) National Curriculum Training Programme (NCTP) Module 1 & 2 RLSS National Lifeguard Training

11 Training Business Case Study Rosie Webster Rosie Webster, aged 20 completed an apprenticeship with Swim UK whilst working as a trainee teacher for Farnham Swimming Club. She decided to complete the apprenticeship to become a qualified swimming teacher, help find work and gain experience and skills in teaching swimming. Whilst on the programme, Rosie qualified as a swimming teacher, became experienced in teaching, learnt important life skills and made new friends. Rosie said “the apprenticeship gave me the ability to teach swimming, life skills, improved confidence in myself and I achieved my dream”. Since completing the apprenticeship Rosie has gone on to work as a swimming coach for David Lloyd Leisure in Farnham and in the future hopes to open her own swim school. Rosie said “the apprenticeship is such a fantastic opportunity and I recommend it to everyone. It gives you so many opportunities in life such as working in the UK and even overseas. It gives you more self confidence and a lot more confidence in doing your job properly”. The apprenticeship programme offered by Swim UK and supported by the swimming club allows individuals working in the leisure industry the opportunity to gain a range of qualifications whilst training to become a fully qualified swimming teacher. The apprenticeship enables individuals to gain experience in teaching swimming whilst gaining their ASA/UKCC Level 1 and/or Level 2 Coaching/Teaching Swimming Qualification. The experience individual’s gain from the apprenticeship is invaluable and is fundamental in helping them progress and build as a career. It usually takes around 6-12 months to complete and once completed they will be a fully qualified swimming teacher. Club comment: The Club is very proud to have supported Rosie both in the water and out. She is a very talented individual who has worked hard to gain her qualification. As part of our business strategy and financial support for Rosie both during and after qualification she worked and trained swimmers at the club unpaid to repay the support from the Club. As the Club is a not for profit organisation it looks at mutually beneficial ways to support both trainee and Club.

12 Volunteers Continuing Personal Development Child and vulnerable adult safeguarding training courses for all adult and teenage helpers Mentoring Team Team Management Club Management Volunteer Management Finance Management Team Managers Level 1 Level 2

13 Complimentary Training and Courses Nutrition Anita Bean author Nutrition for Swimmers Fitness and Wellbeing out of the Pool Coaches parents Meetings Head Coach 1- 2 – 1 meetings with Coaching Team Swimmers Parents Swimmer Workshops Specialist external support employed to compliment swimmer training

14 3,000 leaflets to local infant schools and nurseries - invited 4-8 year olds in for a free trial Schools galas – taken over running and organisation of Farnham primary and secondary schools competitions 6,000 leaflets to junior and secondary schools Support local schools in the Hampshire and Surrey schools championships Head of our academy coaches several local primary school swim teams Support local schools in there GCSE sport programme Support local schools with their swim teams where requested SCHOOLS LIAISON

15 Farnham library partnership and marketing to members Disability Support Schools – support and run the primary and secondary schools swimming galas and assist with School swimming teams where required A number of swimmers raise funds for charities such as The British Heart Foundation in their Swimathon fundraiser which is actively encouraged by the club Individual swimmers have undertaken sponsored swims and other events to raise funds for schools in Ghana and visited the schools to help build them Supporting the local carnival Future plans: Growth by 20% to get more children and adults from the community taking regular exercise through swimming Disability support and integration Assisted places for disadvantaged children to give them a chance Involvement in and support for the Farnham Sports Council ‘Farnham’s Future’ programme to find new sports stars and support them Provide local children with a sport/hobby/past time to keep them away from making the wrong choices COMMUNITY BENEFITS


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