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A year since the last STFC Town meeting Paul Nolan Personal views Heads of UK Nuclear Physics Groups - Chair.

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1 A year since the last STFC Town meeting Paul Nolan Personal views Heads of UK Nuclear Physics Groups - Chair

2 Consultation following the STFC programmatic review Quote from Presentation to PPAN Summary First priority A high enough investment in the current grants round to ensure the continued vitality of the UK nuclear physics programme by supporting the academic community to carry out world-leading experimental and theoretical research. Second priority An investment at the facilities discussed, to keep UK leadership and to ensure the UK plays an influential role in the development of these facilities. First Priority – partially delivered, waiting for standard grants round Second Priority – not delivered

3 Meeting with Wakeham – Summer 2008 NuPECC data OECD Spend per NP researcher is ~£100k pa UK Spend per researcher is ~£40k pa Taking into account the number of researchers spend in UK is 10 – 15% of that in comparator European countries

4 Presented evidence that UK Nuclear Physics groups: Provide training for PhD students and PDRAs who get jobs in the nuclear industries Provide MSc and CPD training directed towards the nuclear industries Provide the laboratories for MSc/CPD training and for the nuclear content of the UG curriculum Current status EPSRC has withdrawn funding for Master level training Excellent opportunity for STFC to fill this gap It is an excellent method of promoting Knowledge Exchange cost effective way of producing a big Economic Impact Meeting with Wakeham – Summer 2008

5 Wakeham (Oct 2008): The panel recommends that RCUK develop a review of the priorities in nuclear physics research to ensure that they best match the needs of the UK Longer version: The Panel proposes that there be a careful examination of the research portfolio in nuclear physics and its impact on skills in nuclear science in the UK by an appropriately selected review group established by RCUK. The UK has reduced its expenditure on nuclear physics relative to some other countries. The country should determine what its nuclear physicists should concentrate upon in the future and then properly fund that work. RCUK asked STFC and EPSRC to conduct the review

6 Meeting with the Minister of Science Ian Pearson August 2008 Main topics discussed: The important of the UK signing up to FAIR The overall funding of UK Nuclear Physics

7 Where are we now? Outcome of the rolling grants round About 30% of the themes funded? Significant reduction in the funds for PDRAs Standard grants rounds Projects After the outcome a travel grant mechanism was introduced Please include this with the rolling grant round next time A cost effective way of funding excellent international science

8 Nuclear Physics DTA studentships Number funded down around 10% compared to historic levels? Funding for Overseas Fieldwork (i.e. experiments) down to 50% of that needed following complaints this is to be reviewed Summer 2009

9 Projects AGATA - funded in Autumn 2008 Full case submitted to PPRP July 2007 Funding took 14 months FAIR What is the decision on UK membership? Very little information given to the community FAIR PANDA - funded late 2008 NUSTAR - no funded announced PPAN decision September 2008 Announcement at Coseners meeting Why is there such a long delay? University staffing problems. Too long

10 Overall Funding level is critical (bad!) When will NUSTAR be announced? Funding for Standard grants round? Need better communication with community Information is gained by rumours New advisory panel to PPAN – Chair Freer Took too long to set up Decision making processes need to be speeded up Nuclear Physics needs significant increase in funding Details of the Wakeham recommended review still not known

11 Part of presentation to PPAN Stewardship of the subject Nuclear Physics is important for national interests Independent expertise PDRAs and PG students are valuable source of trained manpower STFC should take responsibility for the future of the subject and Finally …

12 review the scope of RCUK funded activity and training in nuclear physics and engineering in the UK identify the skills and expertise with relevance to future economic impact in related application areas comment on the ability of the scope and volume of the current nuclear physics and engineering activity to deliver these skills and expertise. identify any changes required in the scope or priorities of the nuclear physics and engineering activity in the UK. comment on UK competitiveness in skill and expertise provision. comment on any other issues relating to the provision of skills in nuclear physics and engineering report to RCUK Executive Group by Autumn 2009. Terms of Reference of the Review Chair : Dr Sue Ion

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