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The Brookes Student Learning Experience Strategy.

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1 The Brookes Student Learning Experience Strategy

2 Purpose: Continuing enhancement of the learning experiences and opportunities we offer to our students and thus….. To enable students to reach their full potential academically and in preparation for life after Brookes. Their achievements are a measure of our success

3 This requires: That all planning and decision making takes account of impact on the student learning experience…… making its enhancement, whenever possible, a priority. That we recognise that key measures of our success as a university are that we are attractive to prospective students, that we meet or exceed their expectations when they join us, and that they commend their Brookes experience to others.

4 The five Strategic Outcomes To provide learning experiences and opportunities for all students which are of the highest quality, and appropriate to their expectations and needs; To establish learning environments that afford opportunities for a variety of learning styles and approaches to be pursued, utilise appropriate technologies, and facilitate effective participation in higher education; To provide effective support for all students as they prepare themselves for employability or career progression; To ensure that our staff achieve the highest professional standards; and To ensure that all services, processes and facilities with which our students engage are appropriate to their needs and expectations, and are of the highest quality.

5 Action Plans To encourage developments in areas identified as being of priority: e.g. Internationalisation Employability Widening participation Technology facilitated learning Work experience and volunteering Linking learning, teaching and research…..

6 Action Plans Make transparent the relationships between existing strategies, plans and activities e.g. Schools and Directorates Plans International Strategy Human Resource Strategy Widening Participation Project Campus Planning STAX Employability Policy Research Strategy E-learning Strategy

7 Joined-up planning and implementation BSLES

8 And there is some cash! distributed through competitive bidding Staff from all Schools and Directorates are eligible to bid, as individuals as well as in groups. Developmental work that involves collaboration between different schools and directorates or involves groups of individuals from across the university working together is encouraged. Likewise work which will bring about change at programme level and involves programme teams is welcomed. Wherever possible, student inclusion in developmental work is expected. The Brookes Student Learning Experience Strategy identifies five strategic outcomes and, to achieve them, a range of activities for each which will be undertaken. Developmental work in these activity areas will be funded through a competitive bidding process.

9 Criteria for funding The proposed work will contribute to achievement of one or more of the five Strategic Outcomes of the BSLES. The project design is appropriate for achievement of the objectives identified. The performance indicators identified will provide a measure of the achievement of the objectives. The proposed budget is appropriate for delivery of the project and its outcomes. The proposed project provides value for money. The proposed staffing of the project is likely to ensure that objectives identified will be achieved.

10 21 Projects funded in 2006/07 Personal and Academic Support System Students Taking Action in the Community (STAX) Global Perspectives Curriculum Development Resit Support Project Referencing and Critical Thinking Young Disabled People into Higher Education Developing and Promoting Employability – Schoolink Enhancing and Promoting Work-based Learning – The Job Bank Re-usable Learning Objects Alumni and Friends Mentoring Programme Headington Library Collaborative Study Area Project Assessment and Feedback Workshops for M level students Peer Learning: Refugee and Student Partnerships Assessment- Electronic Submission and Feedback Developing Experiential Learning in the Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities Teaching Excellence: What does it mean for students? Evaluation of International Students Learning Experience of WebCT Brookes Student Satisfaction Survey Research Project Engaging with PDP: the Student Experience Development and Operation of a Student Television Channel Development of Employability Web Portal

11 Invitation to bid for 2007/08 For 2007/08, proposals for developmental work in the following areas are particularly welcome: Internationalisation of curricula Supporting international students Developments in technology enhanced learning Student learning through research Constructive alignment of curricula Developing Learning Communities Personal Tutoring

12 Timetable Proposals should be submitted on the appropriate form and sent to 25th June They will be considered by an internal selection panel convened by the Head of Student Learning Experience acting on behalf of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Decisions on funding will be notified by 30th July 2007 to ensure that early start dates for work proposed are possible.

13 The proposal form 1. Project Title 2. Endorsement of proposed work by Sponsor(s) identified for the relevant activity area(s) identified in the BSLES Action Plan for 2007/08 3. Activities in the Brookes Student Learning Experience Strategy to which the proposed project will contribute? (Please tick as appropriate.) 4. Description of developmental work proposed and the contribution it will make in the activities areas identified above. 5. Lead person for work to be undertaken 6. Other contributors (Use a separate sheet if necessary) 7. Objectives of work to be undertaken 8. Performance Indicators (These must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed ) 9. Timetable/Key milestones 10. Full details of proposed expenditure

14 NEXT: 1. Find the BSLES on the intranet…. 2. Get an invitation to bid with attached proposal form… These have been sent by email to Schools (LTC representatives with a copy to Deans) and to Directorates ( Directors) Copies may be obtained directly from:

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