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15 May 2006Collaboration Board GridPP3 Planning Executive Summary Steve Lloyd.

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1 15 May 2006Collaboration Board GridPP3 Planning Executive Summary Steve Lloyd

2 15 May 2006Collaboration Board Grid and e-Science Exploitation Timeline PPARC call assessment (2007-2010)2004-05 –PPAP initial inputOct 2004 –LHC exploitation review inputAug 2005 –(GridPP = Grid Support + Tier-1 + 4 xTier-2) PPARC call 10 Apr 2006 –06Q1 logbooks, Samll PMB ‘Focus Groups’Apr 2006 –Internal PMB review8 May 2006 –CB input15 May 2006 –draft GridPP proposal for CB mid-Jun 2006 –PPARC GridPP Oversight Committee 30 Jun 2006 PPARC close of call (final GridPP proposal) 13 July 2006 PPRP Assessment Sep-Dec 2006 PPARC (Science Committee) outcome Mar 2007 Institute Recruitment/RetentionApr-Aug 2007 GridPP2 continuation phaseSep 07-Mar 08 GridPP3 for LHC Exploitation phaseApr 08-Mar 11

3 15 May 2006Collaboration Board 1. PPARC call Closing Date: 13 July 2006 1. In the 2000 and 2002 Spending Reviews PPARC secured significant funding to establish an e-Science programme. One of the main aims of this programme was to create a UK Particle Physics Grid and the computing technologies required for exploitation in the UK of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, when it begins operation in 2007. 2. Applications coordinated by the GRID PP consortium are now invited, to do the following: a) Underpin the particle physics programme by delivering the functional Tier 1 centre for the LHC experiments and for the other experiments where UK groups will require computing GRID access and facilities. This centre forms the basis of the UK contribution to the production computing needs of the LHC experiments and forms an integrated part of the world-wide LHC computing grid, providing data processing and storage services to the international LHC collaborations for the lifetime of the LHC. It will also act as a support centre for the UK Particle Physics Grid, linking the smaller Tier 2 centres and provide a first point of call for user support to UK physicists. The Tier 2 centres will continue to devote significant resources to LHC computing as a part of the integrated UK Particle Physics Grid. The bid(s) is expected to show how the Tier 1 and Tier 2 centres will build upon the existing infrastructure and expertise in the GRID computing required for LHC.

4 15 May 2006Collaboration Board 2. PPARC call The bid (s) for future resources should demonstrate the interactions between the Tier 1 and Tier 2 activities and propose the optimal balance between the computing resources provided for each. The bid should show how the current activities will evolve to provide fully operational Tier 1 and 2 centres during the first full three years of LHC operation. b) Provide Grid operations, middleware and common applications interfaces support required for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 centres. c) Provide the project management effort and expertise to coordinate the activities and manage the financial resources. Develop methods to allocate resources at the Tier 1 and Tier 2 centres to make optimal use of the hardware across the user experiments. 3. Experiment specific software and support was incorporated into the bids for Particle Physics experimental rolling grants (for staff) and experiment support in March 2006 and is not the subject of this invitation to bid.

5 15 May 2006Collaboration Board 3. PPARC call 4. The bid (s) should : a) show how developments build upon PPARC’s existing investment in e- Science and IT investment, leverage investment by the e-science Core programme and demonstrate close collaboration with other science and industry and with key international partners such as CERN. It is expected that a plan for collaboration with industry will be presented or justification if such a plan is not appropriate. b) Show plans for development and support for the full duration of the LHC and other relevant PPARC particle physics projects. 5. Proposals should contain details of full project costs, with detailed planning for the initial phases of the project, project management structures and mechanisms, and resource allocation procedures. All proposals will be fully reviewed by the PPRP. Guidelines are available for large proposals (total cost in excess of £1M) submitted to the PPRP and these guidelines should be used as the basis of such proposals. Further details will be sought as appropriate. 6. It is anticipated that support will be provided for the period 1 September 2007 to 31 March 2011. The coordinated bid should be submitted by 13 July 2006 to Charlotte Jamieson, Secretary of the PPRP (

6 15 May 2006Collaboration Board Document Planning The GridPP3 Proposal "From Production to Exploitation" Abstract This document contains.. The Proposal The GridPP3 Proposal OutlineThe GridPP3 Proposal Appendices Planned.. 13.1 Experiment Hardware and Service Requirements Planning Document 13.2 Middleware Support Planning Document May Merge 13.3 Deployment Support Planning Document May Merge 13.4 Tier-1 Planning Document 13.5 Tier-2 Planning Document 13.6 Management Planning Document 13.7 From Production to Exploitation Context Document 13.8 GridPP2 Resource Utilisation Document See

7 15 May 2006Collaboration Board 1. Proposal Outline 1. Executive Summary [TD, 1 page] 2. Outline [TD, 1 page] 3. Introduction [TD, 6 pages] 3.1 Experimental Motivation [SL, 1 page] 3.2 GridPP2: From Prototype to Production [TD, 1 page] 3.3 GridPP3: From Production to Exploitation [DB, 3 pages] 4. Experimental Requirements for the Production Grid [DN, 5 pages] 4.1 CPU Requirements 4.2 Storage Requirements 4.3 Networking Requirements 4.4 Total Hardware Requirements 5. The Grid Computing Hierarchy [TD, 6 pages] 5.1 Tier-0 [TC, 1 page] 5.2 Tier-1 [TD, 2 pages] A National and International UK Role 5.3 Tier-2 [SL, 2 pages] 5.4 Summary of Tier Centre Production Services [DB, 1 page]

8 15 May 2006Collaboration Board 2. Proposal Outline 6. Meeting the Experiments' Hardware Requirements [TD, 4 pages] 6.1 Tier Centre Definitions [TD, 2 pages] 6.1.1 Tier-1 6.1.2 Tier-2 6.1.3 Tier-3 6.1.4 Tier-4 7. EGEE, NGS and GridPP [JG, 2 pages] 8. Grid Support [RM, 6 pages] 8.1 Deployment Support [JC, 2 pages] 8.2 Middleware, Security and Network Support [RM, 2 pages] 8.2.1 Data and Storage Management 8.2.2 Workload Management 8.2.3 Information & Monitoring 8.2.4 Security 8.2.5 The Network Sector 8.3 Summary of Middleware, Security and Network Services 8.4 Application Interfaces [RJ, 1 page] 9. Management [DB, 3 pages]

9 15 May 2006Collaboration Board 3. Proposal Outline 10. Technology Transfer and Dissemination [SP, 2 pages] 10.1 Technology Transfer 10.2 Dissemination 11. Resource Request [DB, 6 pages] 11.1 Overview 11.2 Tier-0 Resources (to set scale) 11.3 Tier-1 Resources 11.4 Tier-2 Resources 11.5 Application Interfaces 11.6 Middleware, Security and Networking 11.7 Management, Dissemination and Operations 11.8 Travel and Consumables 11.9 Resource Request Details and Interface Issues 11.10 Resource Request Summary 12. Conclusion [TD, 1/2 page] 13. Appendices [TD, 1/2 page] 13.8 External Roles [SP, 2 pages] 13.9 Publications [SP, 3 pages] CB draft mid-June

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