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Chichester College International Operations 2 nd November 2010 Peter Brown.

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1 Chichester College International Operations 2 nd November 2010 Peter Brown

2 Offer the best quality learning experience Provide student support of the highest quality Offer progression routes for learners Maintain the cultural diversity of the student population Mission Statement : Changing lives through learning

3 To have a truly international outlook. To show long term commitment to international markets and to build close, long-lasting relationships. To adopt a consistent approach to the development of new markets. To recognise and adapt to different social, cultural or economic needs. To build an international reputation for quality. Strategic Aims : International Operations

4 Ethnic background : Chichester - 1.6% Chichester College – 12.4% Full time student recruitment : 5000 – 20% from outside UK International student tuition fee income : 2008/9 - £3.4m (surplus - £600,000) Beacon Award for International Student Support 2000 and for International Marketing 2001 Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education 2004/05 Success Factors

5 Education -Expanded and sustained provision -Cultural diversity -Creation of specific/targeted courses -Staff development Benefits

6 Diverse, multi-ethnic provision 2267 International students from 83 different countries (2007-8) Social/cultural activities programme Social/Cultural

7 SMT/Governing body support A strategic objective Relationship marketing Institutional links – GCN/scholarship provision Agency network – 400 agents Personal recommendation Sustained budget Appropriate promotional material Advertising Exhibitions Anglia examinations Recruitment

8 1999/2000 - £240,000 tuition fee income £3,400,000 with £620,000 surplus Re-investment in infrastructure and resources: 160 bed: on-campus Hall of Residence Student Centre Financial Impact

9 Responsive College Unit – benefit to local community = tuition fee income x 2 = £6.8 million benefit to Chichester (30,000 population) 600 international students in homestay provision 450 international students involved in part-time work Community Impact

10 Established in 2000 at Beacon Award celebration 5 original members 25 current members from 10 different countries Created to encourage member Colleges and Universities to act more effectively “to provide exchanges, to strengthen ties of mutual understanding, friendship and personal and professional development, to enhance the educational opportunities of our student bodies and to contribute to international peace and understanding” Overseas delivery of College curriculum – South Korea, Singapore, Thailand. Student scholarship Staff development opportunities Global College Network

11 Comprehensive and structured programme to assess English Language competence 10 levels – First Steps to Masters Business English – 4 levels 20097 – 43,000 candidates from 25 countries Income - £460,000 Anglia Examinations Syndicate

12 Press Cuttings


14 Appropriate support and infrastructure Budgets; planning and review Use of agents Establishing international links and developing partnerships Consistency and commitment Building reputation through repeat business Market information and curriculum development Involving the whole College and developing community links Key Factors

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