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Dagenham Park Church of England School Code of Conduct.

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1 Dagenham Park Church of England School Code of Conduct

2 Essential Equipment A suitable size bag to carry the following:  School books  PE kit (if applies)  Planner with time-table written/pasted into it  Reading book  Calculator/geometry set  Black pens/pencils/rubber/ruler etc.

3 Uniform To always look presentable in the correct school uniform:  NO TRAINERS  NO HOODIES  Always bring your blazer to school  Knee length skirts (girls)  Black socks (not white)

4 Litter  Make sure all rubbish is put into bins

5 No eating in the main building No chewing anywhere in the school  Food is only to be eaten in the designated areas: the canteen, the benches alongside the canteen and café and stone seating next to the Astro turf  CLEAR UP the tables and put plates away and rubbish in the bins after eating  NO EATING in the main building  NO CHEWING (SIR if you break this rule)

6 Punctuality  Always arrive to school AND lessons on time  Allow plenty of time and remember not to run anywhere in school  If you arrive to school late you are required to sign in at the student desk where you will receive a 30minute late detention  Late detentions will now take place in 035  30 minutes will increase to 60 minutes if not completed

7 Remain in your lessons  NO toilet passes for lessons 1, 3 or 5  You are not allowed to leave your lesson for water (fill up your water bottle during break and lunch times) planners or reports  You should not request to leave to see a Mentor or any other members of staff. They will come and collect you!

8 Presentation Policy  Please now watch the following video on our School Presentation Policy …  Thank you for following all school policies – we are very proud of you!

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