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Reach the school before the bell. i.e. 7:40 am FN and 12:10 pm AN.

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3 Reach the school before the bell. i.e. 7:40 am FN and 12:10 pm AN

4 It will be better to avoid trolley bags. Only normal bags that can be carried easily. All books will be kept in the school except note books and diary.

5  Books, bags, water bottles, tiffin boxes etc should be labelled with a marker.

6  Toilet training is a must.  No pampers at all. Every child should put on under wear.  Kindly send a spare dress, including the panties or under wears.

7  Teach hygiene to the children. (wash hands before and after food, how to use napkin, tissue, sanitizer, dustbin etc)

8  Diary should be sent to the school daily, checked regularly and signed by parent.  Teachers will communicate with you through diary. Your prompt attention to their remarks is essential.

9  Please converse with your child in English.

10  Send your child in clean, well ironed uniform with hair combed neatly.

11  If the child is absent, inform the class teacher or the reception between 7 -7:30am for FN & between 11:45 12:10pm for the AN

12 IIf the child is absent for more than 3 days, absent work is required to be completed.  Fill in the ABSENCE LEAVE RECORD in the diary.

13  If child is absent for more than a week, a written leave letter should be provided in A4 size paper with starting and ending dates.

14 LLeave will not be granted for more than 28 days as per the Ministry rules. If child is sick, attach medical certificate.

15 WWe will not send the child with any strangers. If you arrange someone to pick up the child, inform class teacher/ school authorities.

16  Parents can meet the class teachers between 7- 7:30am for FN, and 4:15 -4:45pm for the AN.  They are requested not to call up class teachers during class hours or late night.

17  A small towel should be sent with the Tiffin box. Avoid glass bottles & Chips.  Varying breakfast, sufficient for a 3 to 4 year old child.  No messy breakfast. Send a spoon and train to use it.

18  Don’t send toys or stationery items like pencils, eraser, scale, sharpener etc to the school.

19  Black shoes with white socks. Avoid laced shoes.  Plain white hair band for girls. Long hair should be plaited and tied on two sides with rubber bands.  Boys should have a normal hair.

20  Ornaments are not allowed. School is not responsible for any ornaments that are lost.

21  Pay attention to your child.  Listen to what they have to say.  Ask them what they have learnt each day in school.

22  Don’t make a scary & negative attitude towards the teachers.

23  Weekly planner will be given. Lessons will be taught accordingly.  Let the child do home work and parents should only support.

24  No re-tests will be given.  No terminal exams.  Only monthly test/unit tests will be conducted.

25  Parents are responsible for dropping and picking up child after the school.  Parents should wait at bus stop to pick up child after the school.

26  For students using own transport, inform the class teacher about the person who is picking the child.  Children should be taken home by 12 noon and 4:30pm respectively.

27  All acknowledgements should be filled in and returned to the class teacher even if your answer is not favourable.  All stapled circulars must be removed from the diary.

28  Parents should inform the class teacher about the change of residence and also the change of telephone numbers.

29  Children should wear the ID card regularly when they come to the school.

30  School fees must be paid term wise and the fee card in the diary must be duly filled by the parent.

31  All the parents must come to school along with their child on 4 th April, 2013 between 7:15- 10:30am for FN and between 12:30-3:45pm for AN.

32  You can handover all the books to class teacher.  There will be no regular classes on that day.

33  You are requested to bring two passport sized photographs of the child on 4 th April, 2013.

34  Whenever there is a parent-teacher meetings/Open House, kindly make it convenient to attend for the same.

35  Thanks!

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