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Coaching and Officiating Alex Laybourne BOOST Project.

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1 Coaching and Officiating Alex Laybourne BOOST Project

2 What do I do? -BOOST Coach Academy -Develop the student (Experience & Skills) -Coaching and Officiating Pathway & Employment -Support NGB’s & Key Partners

3 Which football coach said, “Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one” 1. Sir Alex Ferguson 2. Rafa Benetiz 3. Jose Mourinho 4. Arsene Wenger 0 5 Countdown 10

4 Who has to fill out an AU Coaching Contract? 0 5 1. All outside coaches 2. All SDC coaches 3. Student coaches 4. All of the above Countdown 10

5 The Coach may act as an advisor to the club’s committee but except for the purpose of team selection, has no voting rights or hold any other office other than that of coach. True or False 0 5 1. True 2. False Countdown 10

6 Which if the following coaches did not go to Loughborough as a student? 0 5 1. Sir Clive Woodward (Rugby / Football) 2. Brian Ashton (Rugby) 3. Jason Lee (Hockey) 4. David Whitaker (Hockey) Countdown 10

7 Why am I talking to you today? Introduce and explain some of the coaching and officiating opportunities we have Discuss the benefits to you and your club Share some case studies and best practice that show these benefits Share with you coaching and officiating opportunities

8 What are the benefits to you and your club? -Personal Development – e.g. Confidence and communication skills -Club Development -Passion for your club / sport -Employability -Enjoyment

9 Case Study: Sophie Arundale -Sports Science BSc -Helped establish Netball Coach Academy -Coaching Faraday IMS and in the community -Working towards Level 2

10 Case Study: Liam St John -Economics BSc -Non-club member -Started level 3 at end of 3 rd year as BOOST coach -Now employed as Head of Rugby at the Perse School

11 Case Study: Max Malkin -Human Biology BSc -Sports Management MSc -Exchange to Guyana -Year placement in BVI -Coached LSRFC as a student -Now employed by Saracens HITZ project

12 What opportunities are there? Opportunities to coach and officiate in your club, hall of residence and in the community Paid officiating opportunities AU Coach Subsidisation Paid Summer Camp Work International Coaching Opportunities and Exchanges

13 Any questions?

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