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Volunteer Management Rich Smith Volunteer & Employability Coordinator.

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1 Volunteer Management Rich Smith Volunteer & Employability Coordinator

2 Roughly how many sports based Sports Volunteers do we have on campus? Countdown 10 0 30 1. 300 2. 700 3. 1100 4. 1800

3 Sports Volunteers in the UK make up what percentage of all volunteering activities? Countdown 10 0 30 1. 62 2. 53 3. 38 4. 28

4 Finally…what percentage of employers believe volunteering can have a positive impact on career progression amongst 16-25 year olds? Countdown 10 0 30 1. 18 2. 52 3. 87 4. 36

5 What I do -Volunteer Academy -Develop the student (Experience & Skills) -Volunteer Pathway & Employment -Support NGB’s & Key Partners

6 Where we hope to go Level 0 Volunteers Level 1 Volunteers Level 2 Volunteers Level 3 Volunteers 15 hours 30 hours + 2 workshops 50 hours + 2 workshops + Careers Workshops

7 Why volunteer? As you have already seen a lot of people here at Loughborough volunteer…you yourselves are volunteers – each and every person has a different reason why they volunteer: Friendship Circles Personal Development Love of the sport/club Enjoyment Satisfaction from seeing results Personal achievement

8 With 1800 volunteers….everything Club committee – Chair, Finance Officer, Secretary, Events team, Captains etc SDC Volunteers Action Medal Makers What do volunteers do?

9 Your Committee Who are you volunteering with? Why is it important to know who you are working with? Get the best out of each committee member

10 pecific easurable ttainable ealistic imely pecific easurable ttainable ealistic pecific easurable ttainable pecific easurable Be S.M.A.R.T pecific

11 Being an effective committee Recruit the right committee Committee code of conduct Manage your team DELEGATE Reward

12 Your first committee meeting Set times and stick to them. Ensure the meeting doesn’t drag. Have a set purpose for each meeting Pre identify issues – look at other clubs to see how they dealt with it Ensure you have minutes written up asap – Highlight ACTIONS Implement S.M.A.R.T targets for next meeting. Set a date and time of your next meeting.

13 Questions

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