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History Overview Management Philosophy. History Overview Management Philosophy.

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2 History Overview Management Philosophy

3 LG has been divided into three groups, LG, LS and GS
based on their business specialties in March, 2005

4 From the No.1 domestic company to the world class enterprise
in industrial electric, electronic, material and energy field Total Sales : 18 Billion USD Operating Income : 700 million USD Total Asset : 15 Billion USD ( )

5 “Always with Our Customers”
LS has provided Leading Solutions to customers and contributed to society “Always with Our Customers” A company that contributes to the society A company where people can realize their dreams To provide customers with Leading Solution

6 History CEO Financial Highlights With Superior Essex Network

7 “Toward the True Global Leading Company”
1960∼70’s 1980∼2002 2003∼2009 Globalization Expansion Begin & Growth •2003 Separated from LG Group •2005 Construction of the LS Industry Complex completed, in China •2008 Acquired Superior Essex •2009 Acquired LS HongQi Cable •2009 Completion of submarine cable plant in Donghae, Korea •1982 R&D center established 1994 Construction LGMW and LGME plants completed, joint ventures in Malaysia •1997 Construction of LG-VINA Cable plant completed, a joint venture in Vietnam •1962 Established •1966 Completion of cable plant in Anyang, Korea •1977 IPO

8 Sales Achieved sales growth and operating income
through business innovation and globalization. Sales Unit: USD Million Total 5,664 2009

9 Operating Income Total 152 Achieved sales growth and operating income
through business innovation and globalization. Operating Income Unit: USD Million Total 152 2009

10 LS Cable acquired Superior Essex to enhance the global leadership,
and is now the 3rd largest wire & cable maker in the world Maximizing synergy between LS Cable & Superior Essex 1) Building full lineup in energy business 2) Expanding global market presence - A $1.8 billion global cable market leader Leading Market Share Positions • No. 1 Global magnet wire producer • No. 1 N.A. magnet wire distributor • No. 2 Global magnet wire enamels • No. 2 European magnet wire enamels • No. 1 N.A. copper Communications OSP producer Revenue by Segment (2008)

11 Production Production Production Production Submarine power cable
Industrial specialty cable Production Industrial cable & module Automotive wire & cable Tube components Busduct system Rubber tiles Production Optical fiber, Optical fiber cable Aluminum materials Production Power cable system (HV/ MV) OHTL, OPGW Magnet wires, Copper rod UTP, RF

12 Production LSCW : Automotive wire & cable, Busduct, Electronic wire & cable, HV Accessories LSCT : Magnet wire LS-VINA : Extra-high voltage cable, ACSR, OPGW, SCR LSCV : Medium & low voltage cable, UTP LSCM : Margnet wire LSCI : RF feeder cable




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