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Smarter Reading Strategies

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1 Smarter Reading Strategies
Martin Sedgley Effective Learning Service

2 Question title: An analysis of how one specific EU policy (or several EU policies) influences (or has/have influenced) the firm or industry that you have selected. Essay introduction extract: The report will centrally focus on the European Union (EU) and will continue to give a more depth analysis of a specific EU policy, which in relation to this report will be environmental policy. Discussing how these have influenced or will influence Audi as a firm and in their current decision making as well as future strategies.

3 What’s your reading purpose ?
Assignment context ? Keywords ? Exercise: Look at the source text decided and (quickly) decide if it is worth reading for the given assignment title

4 Reading Stage 1 Exercise:
Reading for general relevance to my purpose: Exercise: Read the journal article extract with a view to finding ideas to use in your assignment.

5 Trying to understand it all (first time) !
Reading barriers Reading word by word Going backwards Losing your place Stopping to check unfamiliar terms Trying to understand it all (first time) !

6 A 4-step process of translating efficient reading into (draft) writing
Sharpen your focus Why are you reading this text exactly ? Find the jewels Read quickly and continuously, highlighting really relevant points. Unearth crystal-clear treasure Re-read those key points for deep understanding. Bring your discoveries into the light ... Write your interpretations straight into a draft document.

7 The 4-step model: Exercise
Try out the process for yourself by reading the journal article again, this time highlighting the points that are relevant to your assignment title.

8 Article Outline 1. Preamble
2. Technological aspects: recycling the “critical mass” plastic 2.1. An introduction to plastics 2.2. Advantages 2.3. Disadvantages 2.4. Recycling plastics — the methods and techniques 2.5. The car industry 3. The political and legal aspects 3.1. European commission directives/proposals

9 4. Some economic issues 4.1. A hypothetical cost-benefit analysis
4.2. Recycled plastics vs. virgin plastics 4.3. Trends in the economics of recycling and recovery 4.4. Relative prices of recycled plastics and crude oil 4.5. Issue of subsidies 4.6. Policies for encouraging recycling 4.7. Automobile recycling

10 5. The concerns for the future
6. Implications for the world 6.1. Implications for the Indian sub-continent Acknowledgements References

11 Reading strategies Enjoyable engagement
Find the best time Allocate short, regular times Engage with the subject Focus without distraction

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