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‘ Some I loved, others I went to.’ As quoted by George Blewitt. Slideshow automated with music.

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2 ‘ Some I loved, others I went to.’ As quoted by George Blewitt. Slideshow automated with music.

3 We have gathered together the names of a number of pubs (though we would like more – names that is) situated close to ‘THE STONE FRIGATES’ dotted around the UK. Some pubs have retained their original name, some have changed their names, sadly quite a few have closed down. Some of the places visited may have been courtesy of THE GREY FUNNEL LINE While every care has been taken to pinpoint places, accuracy cannot be guaranteed!

4 First port of call... CORNWALL St Ives Porthleven Helston Gunwalloe Falmouth Torpoint TORPOINT The Standard FALMOUTH The Grapes Chain Locker GUNWALLOE The Halzephron HELSTON The Angel The Beehive The Bell Blue Anchor The Red Lion The Seven Stars PORTHLEVEN The Ship The Atlantic (aka ‘The Frantic’) ST IVES The Sloop The Sheaf of Wheat TORPOINT FALMOUTH HELSTON PORTHLEVEN ST IVES GUNWALLOE

5 Heading along the coast to... DEVON The PLYMOUTH area The Prince of Wales Greyhound The Dolphin The Brown Bear The Ship The Commercial The Paramount - aka RNSOD Royal Naval School of Dancing C & D otherwise known as the Royal Arms Avondale The Ark Royal The Keppel’s Head Earl Grey The Antelope The Camel’s Head PLYMOUTH Avondale Arms possibly 50/60s

6 PORTLAND The Castle WEYMOUTH The Long Bar The Gloucester The Steering Wheel Jersey Arms The Smugglers Moving on to... DORSET Weymouth Portland WEYMOUTH PORTLAND

7 Continuing towards... HAMPSHIRE Lee onSolent Portsmouth LEE ON SOLENT The ‘VIC’ The Tower The Inn by the Sea The Wyvern The Swordfish LEE ON SOLENT PORTSMOUTH Black Swan Railway Arms The Albany The Lennox Railway Carriers Sussex King Billy Nine Elms Yorkshire Grey Wiltshire Lamb The Gem The Fleece The Balmoral otherwise know as Immoral THE HARD Apple Tree Ship Leopard King & Queen Ship Anson The Keppel’s Head The Ship Anson Victoria PORTSMOUTH Royal Naval Arms possibly 50/60s The Keppel’s Head c2010 The Ship Anson c2010 The Wyvern c2010

8 Moving inland to the county of... Middlesex Northwood Pinner Eastcote NORTHWOOD True Lover’s Knot (TLK) The Reindeer (The Deer) The Gate Ye Olde Greene Manne not forgetting The Grapes down on the Oxey Estate PINNER The Queen’s Head EASTCOTE The Case Is Altered NORTHWOOD PINNER EASTCOTE The ‘Deer,’ c2006 The Case is Altered, c2004

9 East coast of Scotland... Edinburgh Dunfermline Lossiemouth & Elgin EDINBURGH The Fairlies DUNFERMLINE The Duncan DUNFERMLINE EDINBURGH LOSSIEMOUTH ELGIN LOSSIEMOUTH The Coulard The Lossie Hotel The Steamboat The Stotfield ELGIN The Tower

10 West coast of Scotland... Faslane Prestwick Ayr PRESTWICK The Bonne AYR Billy Bridges PRESTWICK AYR FASLANE The Imps

11 BIRKENHEAD Merseyside... Birkenhead BIRKENHEAD The Royal Oak (just outside Morpeth Docks)

12 Wales... Pembrokeshire NEWGALE HAVERFORDWEST DALE SOLVA The Ship The Bay The Cambrian NEWGALE Duke of Edinburgh HAVERFORDWEST The Bristol Trader DALE The Griffin Inn Duke of Edinburgh c2010 Griffin Inn c2010

13 Somerset... YEOVILTON The information (left) was produced late 50s possibly early 60s. YEOVILTON

14 Courtesy of... THE GREY FUNNEL LINE! Ports around the world which ‘may or may not’ have provided the odd ‘watering hole!’

15 Malta The Falkland Islands Gibraltar Durban, Capetown Norfolk, Mayport, Ft. Lauderdale, USA Perth Wellington Brest, Ville, France Oslo, Norway Puerto Rico Singapore Hong Kong NO DOUBT MANY MORE IN BETWEEN!!! POSSIBLY PLACES LIKE... PalmaEmirates Naples Athens SydneyFreemantle The Virgin Islands

16 O Lord above send down a dove With wings as sharp as razors To slit the throats of them there blokes What sells bad ale to sailors. Amen

17 Grateful thanks to the following for providing ‘pub’ names and images*: George Blewitt Phillip Charles Mick Johnson Peter Claridge Jean Brenchley (nee Jeffery) John ‘Bungy’ Williams Jo Skelton Gill Charles* Peter Squibb* Compiled by MIS on behalf of Cloud Observers2010

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