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Access Support Combined E-Mentoring and Support Sessions Middlesex University and Bright Journals.

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1 Access Support Combined E-Mentoring and Support Sessions Middlesex University and Bright Journals

2 Project Scope Aims and Objectives Project Life and Delivery Recommendations Outcomes and Achievements

3 Target Group -21 years and over (particular interest given to mature students who have not taken part in formal education or training for at least five years) -enrolled on either the Access to Nursing, Health and Social Care programmes -actively pursuing admission to HE. Project Goals and Objectives -To establish a more comprehensive link between Universities and Further Education Colleges in London, -Serve mature students in Further Education with a well structured and meaningful framework of guidance in order to raise their understanding of University study and culture, -To contribute to an increase in the progression rate of Access to HE, -Support Access Students through the UCAS application process, -Provide mature students with meaningful and informative relationships with a full time undergraduate student attending university, -Develop flexible and supportive e-mentoring platform suitable for this particular type of student, -Develop a range of on-line materials tailored for Access Students to support them with Progression to HE. Drivers and Project Scope

4 Timeframe Planning and Preparation: May - September 2008 Delivery: September 2008 - June 2009 Partners Middlesex University - Outreach Team Brightside Trust - Bright Journals Project Manager Barnet College - Aimhigher Coordinator / Access Course Tutors Budget About £12,200 £4,000 - Middlesex University: - Coordination of the project: communication and programme content development, - Recruitment of Mentors and Mentees: scanning and matching, - Delivery of information sessions and information materials, - Support for Mentees and Mentors, £8,000 - Brightside Trust: - Provision of the e-mentoring platform, - Technical Support, - Training and uploading of Mentees and Mentors, - Monitoring, - Content development of support materials for mature students, - Coordination support. Project Overview

5 Sept - Oct 08 - Recruitment and Selection of Mentors, Mentees and Matching Process Oct - Nov 08 - Mentors and Mentees Trainings Oct 08 - May 09 - Information Sessions Development of On-line Resources for Access Students (BrightSide Trust) Nov 08 - May 09 - E-mentoring communications between Mentees and Mentors May - June 09 - Focus Groups and Evaluation Activities Project Stages and Tasks

6 E-mentoring Platform Use of Bright Journals E-mentoring platform: - specifically for medical and healthcare students. Tailored content: - Development of specific content for access students. - Top access article received 377 visits. Analysis of E-mentoring conversations showed main concerns centered around the following topics: - Study Skills - Finance - Progression (UCAS and HEI choices) - University life and childcare

7 Key Issues Mentors: Selection and Matching to meet Mentees needs Mentees: Trainings and Involvement Mentees: Limited internet access at home College: Information Sessions - Room booking and communication - dependency on a third party Mentees and Mentors Meeting and Trainings: Logistical Problems Barriers: Mentors and Mentees : full time students with extra commitments (mature College students and University Social Work Students doing their placements) Logistical Problems: a lot of time spent in the College delivering the Information Sessions - Strong Buy- in and support from the College needed College Students : Involvement in E-mentoring; Support from College tutors needed, highlighting benefits, Information Sessions: Dependency on College Key Issues and Barriers

8 Outcomes - Access students demonstrate increase in their self-belief and confidence, in particular through their engagement with the UCAS admissions process as well as preparation for interview and HE engagement. - Greater awareness of the link between their Access qualification and the experience of studying at undergraduate level - Greater insight into University Admissions procedures and clear understanding of expectations - Extensive On-line Section for Mature Students developed by Bright Side Trust Achievements - Out of 18 Access Course Students - 7 have used E-mentoring Platform 100% of mentees who took part on the scheme applied for university. 100% of students felt confident about applying through the UCAS system. 100% of the students reported that they were well advised and well aware of UCAS application deadlines. 88% agreed that they received advice on various universities that offered the course they were interested in. 75% of students agreed that the pilot has given them more insight into the broad range of choices available to them through university. - All 18 Students participated actively in Information Sessions - 12 out of 18 Access Students Progresses onto their chosen HE course - All 12 felt prepared for the HE environment and experience - All participating Access Course Students felt this project has equipped them with the necessary knowledge and confidence to apply to University and start HE level education. Outcomes and Achievements

9 Information Sessions - Good starting point for Mentees Buy-in and cooperation from College Less demanding groups - Social Work? Other Access Courses? Younger groups? Realistic about E-mentoring and Internet access Very Successful overall to improve progression rates Future Work / Recommendations

10 Any Questions ?

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