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TechDis Update RSC WM - A & I Forum Lisa Featherstone

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1 TechDis Update RSC WM - A & I Forum Lisa Featherstone

2 Programme TechDis Voices Toolbox Discover Jisc Questions

3 What is a voice SatNav voices – high quality synthetic voices Turns route instructions into the spoken word Can use different voices

4 Voice & Software Voices are separate from the software They can be used with a wide variety of applications Support working in many ways -

5 So what is text to speech? Mainstream tool for all? Specialist tool for some?

6 Ways of working - 1 Read with your eyes closed - start your text to speech software, grab a headset, close your eyes, lean back and relax…

7 Ways of working - 2 Save text as MP3 and listen on your phone / mp3 player wherever and whenever suits.

8 Ways of working - 3 …turn key documents or information to MP3s so users can listen on the morning commute.

9 Ways of working - 4 use a service (Audio-boo etc) to upload handouts as a synthetic speech MP3 file. Subscribers to your podcast get automatic delivery to their phone.

10 Ways of working - 5 Audio instructions for practical and fieldwork.

11 Ways of working - 6 Listen and summarise…

12 Ways of working - 7 Broaden horizons… Gutenberg goodies Balabolka brilliance

13 Ways of working - 8 Getting good voices… TechDis Jess and TechDis Jack eligibility = post 16 publicly funded learning providers for their networks and personal downloads for their learners/users This includes learners at UK Online Centres

14 Ways of Working - 9 Proof reading – a synthetic voice will read exactly what you’ve written. “It’s important to get your massage across in a simples and effective wiy”

15 Getting equality… A few VI learners Lots of dyslexic learners

16 Finding and using This section of the website has all the info you need on Finding, Registering, Downloading, Installing and Using the voices.

17 Talking Word documents Older versions: WordTalk Newer versions: Speak Text

18 Talking Web Pages ChromeSpeak free plug in for Chrome

19 Talking books Orato or ClipSpeak will read out loud whatever is copied onto the clipboard; whether from e-books, online magazines, documents etc. Orato reads with Word tracking. ClipSpeak doesn’t; but it does save as MP3 as an option.

20 Talking anything Tools like Balabolka and DSpeech allow you to create MP3s from documents or a mixture of documents and text copied in from other sources like web pages.

21 The questions to consider Does your organisation provide text to speech at all? How would your staff and users learn about text to speech opportunities? How could you signpost your users to download the voices for themselves at home? How could we help your organisation support the use of TTS in teaching and learning?

22 TechDis Toolbox

23 TechDis Toolbox Aimed directly at end users – learners. A collection of resources which give useful hints and tips on technologies that can help individuals work quicker, slicker and smarter.

24 TechDis Toolbox Over 100 Bite-sized videos, short guides, and animations. Small bits of just-in-time information that can be easily absorbed. Developed with learners for learners by TechDis accredited trainers.

25 Toolbox Structure

26 Technology - 1 Microsoft Office 18 videos on using Word Mac-accessibility Mac, iPhone and iPad including Voiceover Safari reader Vision and other settings Using the Web Accessible browsers

27 Technology - 2 Free Software guides to Audacity Text to Speech Xmind TechDis Voices What is a voice Text to Speech Using and installing the voices

28 Planning & Organisation Managing Messages Managing Time Using Information Organising Information

29 Communicating Tools to help with Reading Writing Multimedia Including - Audio Video Images

30 Objectives Help Further Education and Skills providers use Jisc resources to deliver inclusive learning and teaching. Increase overall Jisc knowledge and awareness of the wider FE & Skills sector and how to meet its needs. 30

31 Rationale Further Education and Skills sector unaware of JISC resources and services. Many of these resources support inclusive learning and teaching. These resources can be difficult to find. The resources were created for a different audience and are sometimes difficult to understand. 31

32 So far... New CPD resources Commentary on Jisc Services & content Technology in Context – plans and rationale

33 New Web Resources: CPD Materials New how-to guides and resources: Introduction to Accessibility; Introduction to Accessibility Built-in Accessibility; Built-in Accessibility Accessible Documents and Presentations. Accessible Documents and Presentations Coming Soon:

34 In the pipeline... Mobile and Portable Accessibility; Accessing Online Content; Creating Accessible Online Content.

35 Questions? Please contact – @notlob

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