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Making content accessible for your needs Wherever you are Whenever you need it MyDocStore & azzapt.

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1 Making content accessible for your needs Wherever you are Whenever you need it MyDocStore & azzapt

2 The MyDocStore Project AIM: To develop products and technologies to aid: the quick and easy to transfer documents between devices whilst simultaneously converting them into the user's preferred format. Addresses missing link in creating and transferring accessible files between devices. Benefits those who find reading difficult due to a physical disability, dyslexia or visual impairment; or anyone who wants to access documents on the move.

3 MyDocStore: The simple concept Providing automatic conversion to alternative format and seamlessly making documents available to mobile devices. File it Drag and drop Save as Copy/paste Auto synch with cloud Auto convert Download & run as what you want, where you want it

4 Audio 3 rd party Cloud repository 3 rd party Cloud repository azzapt Cloud based conversion MyDocStore PC App Azzapt Mobile App Web Interface API & Communication framework to allow 3 rd parties to use systems User set-up & licensing File management, upload & download Mobile internet support Word/PDF DAISY Braille via hardware ePub3 Set your conversion preferences Automatically convert files on upload Access azzapt & download files Play MP3 files within azzapt app

5 Feedback from MyDocStore Phase 1 trials Throughout phase 1 we asked for feedback on the current method of accessing information and converting files. We trialled MyDocStore with potential users and technology experts in the disability field. What was included in the trial? Demonstration of the prototype Discussions for the potential benefit Future developments

6 MyDocStore potential impact… The current educational context Cloud & Tablet revolution of informal and formal learning; Access & awareness of alternative formats needs to be at the consumer level; Ease of use of technology vital to engagement and up take; Engagement = better learning = equal access MyDocStore is: – Cool; – Much less fuss/hassle; – Mainstream; – Learner (consumer) led

7 MyDocStore: impact for the Leaner… Access learning any where, any time, any place In the classroom, on the bus, in the workplace Learning where you want it, when you want it No barriers, in a few instant steps you have access You have an app for that! This system will mean I am always independent This opens up a whole world to me if I can download books. The iPhone app will be so useful when I am travelling

8 MyDocStore : impact for the educator… No expert knowledge or support required Easy access = more learner engagement Equal access for all Results in a personalised learning experience Some students who will want it in a large font, some students may want in it in audio... just uploading one document and everyone else can access it will make life so much easier Existing technologies anchor the user to one computer… one PC in the corner and you go to the special machine. By its existence, it differentiates the students from the others

9 Discussion Points 1 How does your institution support learners requesting alternative formats? What are your barriers to providing alternative formats to learners? Are all your learners able to access the learning materials you provide? How comfortable are your learners using mobile devices for learning?

10 Web portal and iPhone app branded azzapt. Enables users to upload and access converted files from the Cloud, e.g. Developed azzapt API to add function to mobile and desktop apps Phase 2: azzapt service large print and re-formatted documents create ePub e-books audio versions

11 New users create an account and say how they wish their documents to be provided on desktop, tablet and Smartphone devices. 1.Upload your documents to the cloud using the azzapt web portal or an azzapt powered app; 2.Converted documents are ready to access in your preferred format on your PC, tablet or smartphone through the web site or azzapt enabled app azzapt service: Simple, easy to use

12 What Conversion are available with azzapt? Conversion Operation OutputCan be applied to Edit*.docx files (Word 2007 format, open in Microsoft Word) MS Word, Open Office documents, PDF files & Rich Text files. Read*.pdf (PDF file, usually opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader) MS Word, Open Office documents, PDF files & Rich Text files Audio*.mp3 (MP3 audio file created using text-to-speech engine) MS Word, Open Office documents, PDF files & Rich Text files, Plain text files, ePub books Book*.ePub (ePub2 ebook format, opens in eBook software or apps) MS Word, Open Office documents, PDF files & Rich Text files.

13 Paul loads Tudors101.pdf to azzapt On my desktop I want to edit it On my Tablet I want a book version On my phone I want to hear it Paul accesses Tudors101.pdf in azzapt web / app Azzapt creates Word doc applies colour and font changes Azzapt creates ePub file MyDocStore creates MP3 using Paul’s speed and voice choice Word docx with font/colours set opens ePub version opens MP3 audio downloads & plays

14 Azzapt Home Page

15 Settings: Device Set the default Conversion Operation to be applied by devices

16 Settings: Text Settings Set the font, colour & format settings to be applied in the Read and Edit Operations

17 Example of an azzapt service user Emma, studying part time & travelling to college and to different locations for work. – Prefers to work on mobile or tablet whilst travelling – Slow reader, prefers to absorb information via audio. Gets emailed PDF from tutor/colleague. – Uploads PDF using azzapt web site on her desktop computer. – On the way home she access her azzapt enabled app on her tablet and accesses ePub version which is read aloud and can be annotated – While at the gym she listens to MP3 audio version on her mobile This solution will be launched in January 2012

18 Educational organisation customer During phase 1 colleges and tutors recognised a need for a service like azzapt to enable them to met all their students needs without having to produce multiple versions 1.Tutor loads a paper onto their college learning platform. 2.Azzapt server detects new file and creates alternative version to match students preferences 3.Student access file on their tablet through their azzapt powered app in their chosen format

19 Discussion Points 2 Do you think this service could improve the provision of alternative formats? How would you like to see it used in your learning environment? Are there any additional formats or functions you would like to see added? Would you be interested in trialling the beta version?

20 MyDocStore Project Phases Phase 1 Proof-of-concept (2011) completed Phase 2(a) The azzapt service (2012): Create subscription web service and mobile apps for individual users. For launch January 2013 Phase 3 RoboJean (2012-13): Proof of Concept to improve automation of improved TTS and ePub conversions.

21 Register for the azzapt beta trials: Iansyst Ltd Fen House Fen Road Cambridge CB4 1UN Tel: 01223 420101 Abi James

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