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Membership Strategy 2014 - 2017 Phil Bellas, Trust Secretary Kathryn Ord, Deputy Trust Secretary, Head of Member Services Version: 1.0Date Completed: 22.

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1 Membership Strategy 2014 - 2017 Phil Bellas, Trust Secretary Kathryn Ord, Deputy Trust Secretary, Head of Member Services Version: 1.0Date Completed: 22 May 2014 Date of Next Review: April 2017

2 The Aim of the Strategy To outline a coherent and consistent approach to membership recruitment and engagement that fits within the overall vision of the organisation: To be a recognised centre of excellent with high quality staff providing high quality services that exceed people’s expectations. To identify key objectives aligned to this Strategy that support the work of the Council of Governors and their membership. To demonstrate how this Strategy will influence and support the achievement of all 5 Strategic Goals of the Trust. To improve, monitor and evaluate membership representation and engagement. To demonstrate adherence to the Trust’s own Constitution and Membership Charter. To provide members (public) with a choice of involvement to suit their needs.

3 The Case for Change To adhere to the Foundation Trust’s Licence issued by Monitor, the Regulator of Foundation Trusts in that an active an engaged public and staff membership is demonstrated. To set a broad direction to further embed and recognise the importance of membership within the operation of the Trust. To embrace a culture of openness, honesty and candour. To have a visible statement which outlines the actions that will be taken and monitors progress against those actions to recruit and maintain an engaged and informed membership.

4 A Vision for the Future We will develop and engage with our membership by focussing on qualitative rather than quantative members. By having a more engaged membership, greater accountability of the Trust will be visible by members through the Governing Body – The Council of Governors. To provide openness and transparency through the involvement and engagement of members.

5 Objectives Objective 1 To ensure that the Trust has a representative membership. To ensure that all Public Constituencies of the Trust have a representative membership based on age, gender, ethnicity and demography. To maintain a register of eligible staff membership aligned to the appropriate Classes of membership.

6 Objectives Objective 2 To facilitate member engagement that is effective, timely and appropriate. To embrace an emphasis not only on the recruitment of members but to ensure that the engagement of those members is of equal or higher status. To provide members with direct contact with their elected Governors, the Council of Governors and the Board of Directors through a range of engagement opportunities. To inform members about the Trust’ s work and future plans through public engagement events and various communication mediums. To reduce the stigma associated with mental ill health and learning disabilities by increasing and engaging with the Trust’s membership. For Governors, through their personal interests and experience to share the work of the Trust with groups, organisations and their local communities.

7 Objectives Objective 3 For the Council of Governors via the membership to contribute to the effective Governance of the Trust. The Trust’s membership will facilitate accountability by the Council of Governors. The Council of Governors will be involved in setting the strategic planning and key quality priorities of the Trust and be consulted on major service changes. Staff Governors will seek assurance for and from their members on the overall direction and performance of the Trust as well as the quality, safety and provision of services. Alternatively they are able to challenge decisions on behalf of their members through their work with the Council of Governors. Appointed Governors will have a specific role which allows formal representation from key stakeholders which supports partnership working.

8 Scorecard Membership ObjectiveMetric DescriptionLead Baseline as at 1/4/14 Target end 2014/15 Actual 31/3/15 Monitored by 1To increase the public membership of the Trust by 250 public members (net) by 31 March 2015.Head of Member Services 7524 >/= 7737 members 1To maintain staff membership levels.Head of Member Services 5673 >=5673 1For the number of staff opting out of membership to be less than 10 per year.Head of Member Services 128 <138 members 2To issue the Trust’s magazine ‘Insight’ to every public member at the membership level of an ‘Informed Member’ and above.Head of Member Services 0 =4 issues 2To organise and host Celebrating Positive Practice Events throughout the Trust.Head of Member Services 0 =3 2To achieve an attendance level of 150 members or more at the Trust’s Annual General/Member meeting.Head of Member Services 0 >150 2To seek views of Governors and members on major service changes.Chief Operating Officer 0 >0 2% of level 1 projects where Governors and members are highlighted as key stakeholders for consultation within project management 3 forms.Chief Operating Officer Target baseline to be established during 2014/15 3 To hold an annual general election for those Governor tenures due to end on 30 June 2015 or appropriate by-election for vacant Governor positions. Head of Member Services 0 =/>1 3% vacancy rate for Public and Staff Governors on the Council of Governors.Head of Member Services 12% <20% 3To hold a minimum of 4 Council of Governor meetings per year.Chairman 0 >/=4 3The % of Governors agreeing that the Council of Governors is effective in representing the views of Members (Annual Performance Evaluation)Council of Governors 55% =/>55%

9 Action Plan

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