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English I English III English III AP Language and Composition.

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1 English I English III English III AP Language and Composition

2  Follow all rules provided in Student Handbook

3  Be here on time, every class period.  Most homework and class work will be done in your spiral. I will check spiral periodically.  Complete academic integrity from each student.  Attend tutorials when necessary. (My specific tutoring times are Tuesday and Thursday morning.) – I will be working the HEROES program everyday after school.  All major assignments must be turned in on their due dates regardless of absence or presence.  We will follow OEISD tardy policy and late work policy.

4  Grades are divided into (2) components: Tests/projects:  Major Tests, projects, major quizzes (generally written responses to readings), presentations, formal writing assignments (out-of-class essays that have gone through the writing process are included as tests) Daily Work:  Journal quick writes/reading responses, vocabulary assignments, minor quizzes (include close-reading multiple choice questions over reading passages and vocabulary and terms quizzes)

5  School Phone: ext.   Teacher Web page: district main page>Click District Directory>Click High School>Click on my name I will do my best to post any announcements or assignments on my webpage.

6  English I to (480)  English III to (480)  English III AP to (480) Follow the prompts after you have sent the message. This is an easy and fast way for me to send out mass messages/reminders to parents and students.

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