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Biology I Pre AP-GT Biology I Mrs. Polis Room 414.

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1 Biology I Pre AP-GT Biology I Mrs. Polis Room 414

2 Biology I & PreAP/GT Biology I l Teacher – Kim Polis l E-Mail – l Conference : 5 th period 11:38- 12:36 pm l School Phone: 832-484-5380

3 Course Content l Semester I Review Sci. Method/Char. Of Life Biochemistry Cells/Cellular processes Genetics Classification

4 Course Content l Semester II Evolution Ecosystems Ecology Interdependence w/in Environmental Systems

5 Grading l Major Grades: 60% (tests, formal lab reports, projects) l Minor Grades: 40% (daily assignments, labs, homework, quizzes)

6 Materials needed: l Composition or Spiral Notebook l Optional: flash drive, colored pencils, highlighter

7 Textbook l Class set l Students who prefer can register to access online textbook – see my website, the Classroom Policies folder for codes and directions

8 Progress Reports l Grades will be available on line l If you are interested, please sign up to be included on my Parent Distribution List-on website in appropriate class folder.

9 Major Grades l Consists of the following types Tests-Retests available if below 70% on first attempt Formal Lab Reports l Test days are Mondays and Wednesdays

10 Tutoring l Mornings- daily from 6:50-7:20 am l After school - Tuesdays in 414 & Thursday in 439 2:40-3:40 pm l By appointment

11 Grade Repair l Grade Repair- available at teacher discretion and must be completed within the assigned dates in order to receive credit. Biology I students must complete 80% to receive credit PreAP Biology students must complete 100% to receive credit Max. grade possible is a 75 for the “repaired” grading period.

12 Thank You For Attending Open House Tonight !

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