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Pioneer Girl by Andrea Warren Vocabulary by Marsha Basanda.

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1 Pioneer Girl by Andrea Warren Vocabulary by Marsha Basanda

2 Chapter 1  satchel-a small bag, sometimes with a shoulder strap  homesteader-a settler under the Homestead Act  Homestead Act-act of Congress that made public land in west available to settlers for farms  cultivated-prepared and used for raising crops

3 Chapter 1 continued  immigrant-someone who migrates to another country usually for permanent residence  memoir-a narrative composed from personal experience  soddies-houses made of sod (“Nebraska marble”)  desolate-barren, lonely

4 Chapter 1 continued  scarce-rare, not abundant  drought-a time of no rain  stampede-a sudden rush of a herd of frightened animals  blizzard-a blowing snowstorm  whitewashed-a composition of lime and water used for whitening walls  insulation-layer of material used to stop heat from escaping

5 Chapter 2  burrowed-made a hole or passage in, into, or under something  shuddered-trembled from fear, horror, or cold  crevice-a crack forming an opening  kerosene-a kind of fuel  trough-a long, narrow open container used to hold water or food for animals  tumbleweeds-plants detached from their roots and blown by wind

6 Chapter 3  livestock-horses, cattle, sheep, and other useful animals raised on a farm or ranch  cellar-a place used to store food  parlor-a room used for entertaining visitors  sunbonnet-a bonnet with a large brim to shade the face  threshing machine-a machine used to separate the grain from the plant

7 Chapter 3 continued  chamber pot-a bowl-shaped container used as a toliet  porcelain-a kind of ceramic material used to make dishes, dolls, and other items  privies-outhouses  socialized-mingled and associated with other people  preserved-made lasting, maintained

8 Chapter 4  glacier-a slowly moving extended mass of ice  discharge-to fire or shoot  firebreak-a strip of cleared land made to stop the spread of a prairie or forest fire  whatnots-a stand with shelves for books or decorative small articles  bundles-a quantity of material gathered or bound together

9 Chapter 5  fertile-rich soil capable of producing crops  strewn-scattered or thrown here and there  ornery-stubborn, unpleasant  calico-a patterned cotton cloth

10 Chapter 6  genteel-extremely polite  corset-a close-fitting undergarment tightened by lacing worn by women to shape the body (a kind of girdle)  scarce-rare  seamstress-woman whose occupation is sewing

11 Chapter 7  bedfast-confined to bed by illness  begrudged-reluctant to give, envied someone’s good fortune  bales-large bundles secured by cords or wires  frantic-desperate  infestation-invasion of insects or pests  plague-widespread disaster

12 Chapter 8  sieve-an instrument with a meshed bottom used for straining  rodents-gnawing mammals like mice, rats  husking bee-a gathering of farm families to husk corn usually as a party  masquerades-parties featuring guests wearing masks and costumes  overshoes-shoes or boots worn over another for protection from water or cold

13 Chapter 8 continued  surreys-four-wheeled carriages  pavilion-an open building used for shelter  whooping cough-an infectious disease with convulsive coughs, pertussis  scorching-very hot or burning

14 Chapter 9  prosperity-good fortune  lagoons-small,pondlike bodies of water connected with a larger body of water  ration-a limited amount

15 Chapter 10  irrigate-supply with water  scarlet fever-contagious disease characterized by scarlet skin eruptions and a high fever  smallpox-contagious disease characterized by skin eruptions that leave scars  gored-pierced with a horn or tusk  soothe-calm, comfort  withered-shriveled, decayed  measly-small, slight

16 Chapter 11  bedbugs-flat, wingless, bloodsucking insects that infest beds  cosigned-signed with someone else  chokeberries-a berrylike fruit from a shrub of the rose family  reins-leather straps attached to a bridle by which a rider controls a horse or other animal

17 Chapter 12  Stetson hat-cowboy hat  stillborn-died when born  exquisite-extra ordinarily fine or beautiful

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