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People of the Stone Age Unit 1.

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1 People of the Stone Age Unit 1

2 Scientist work to uncover the past
Archaeologist study things left behind by people. They are “excavated” or dug up. Items found are called artifacts. They are all made by man. Such as bowls, stone tools or needles..

3 Scientist also look at fossils
Fossils are remains of once living things. They are found deep under layers of earth.

4 Fossils and artifacts show
Early people most likely first appeared in Africa. To survive they moved from place to place hunting and gathering for food.

5 Homo Sapiens Means “wise humans”
About 20 people lived together in “bands” These “bands” meet basic needs like: food clothing shelter

6 Bands Had to move according to the season to find food, this is called “migration” As the bands grew they added new areas

7 Ice Age Long period of bitter cold
Earth covered in huge sheets of ice called “glaciers” When ice melted it left bare new land for bands to hunt and gather for food

8 New areas created change
Needed fires to burn for warmth Clothing to fit snug and warmer Shelter needed to be strong against the bitter cold and wind

9 Example of needed change
“Tundra” a treeless area in the Arctic region. Cold weather required warmer clothes Stronger homes to resist wind and cold Keep a fire burning for warmth and cooking of food.

10 Culture: a way of life Each band had its own interest and way of life.
Culture is made up of language customs beliefs arts

11 Hunters-gathers change
Because they needed a more steady supply of food. (maize=corn) “Domesticated” or tamed plants and animals for people to use.

12 Farmers vs. Nomads Stayed in one place * Moved around
Permanent home * Temporary shelter Planted crops * Looked for grazing Livestock – pigs, cattle, sheep * Livestock moved with them

13 Agriculture: the good and the bad
*Greater variety of food *People fought over land *Ground was no longer fertile *New tools *If the crops failed all suffered Division of labor People could do different jobs

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