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Be In Touch Interview Project

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1 Be In Touch Interview Project
By: Noelle Haller, Meshayla Lumpkin, and KeJala’e Dicks

2 Violence Violence is a form of aggression, pertaining to many children and women in Virginia and communities. There are many different types of violence and a main violence that is common is sexual and domestic violence. Sexual violence is unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature which can occur in neighborhoods with people of all different ages and genders. Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior in any relationship to gain power over their partner mainly obtaining to the wives. This violence has abuse going from physical and emotional to sexual and threatening and can terrorize the one who is being abused. The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance can help with these issues and bring help to all those who are in need.

3 Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence
“How long have you been working in the violence field?” Response- “Just about 2 months.” “How exactly would you explain the type of “violence” you handle at your facility?” Response- “Pattern of abused behavior used by one individual to exert power.”

4 “What is a typical day like at your job?”
Response- “I basically work with volunteers and also take care of Inkind-donate clothes.” “What would you say is the most beneficial aspect about your business is? Response- “We help woman and kids in crisis situations.” “Does any at your job have special practices or procedures they must follow everyday?” Response- “Counselors.”

5 Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence
“On average, about how many calls do you get each day on Sexual Violence? Domestic Violence?” Response- “1-2 calls a day on the hotline.” “What are the major areas which you get calls from?” Response- “Mostly Richmond.”

6 “What department do you work on?”
Response- “I work in the development.” “Lets talk about one of your Action Alliance Projects.” “How do you train and educate those who want to become a part of the institute?” Response- “They would have to go to volunteer training and a work training if they want to have a job.”

7 Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence
“What type of violence is most common?” Response- “I am not really sure since I started working here a while ago.” “What do you like best about your job? Worst?” Response- “Getting to work with volunteers. I don’t really know yet since I just started here.”

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