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Microsoft Word 2007 Test Prep Computer Discovery.

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1 Microsoft Word 2007 Test Prep Computer Discovery

2 launcherOffice button Quick Access Toolbar tabs ribbon Minimize Button Maximize Button Close Button Help button LabelthePartsoftheWindow Label the Parts of the Window

3 Quick Access Toolbar The _________________is a customizable toolbar that spans the top of the Word Window. It’s visible no matter which tab you’ve selected. Change the commands on the toolbar by using the menu that appears when you click on the down arrow to the right of the toolbar.

4 The Help Button _____________ is used to access Word’s built-in help docs and support features.

5 Double Space Ctrl + 2

6 Save __________ is used after you have saved and will not ask for a name.

7 C drive ____________ allows you to store and retrieve information from the hard drive inside the CPU.

8 The Ribbon ____________ is the core of the new Word interface. It replaces the drop-down menus and toolbars of previous versions of Word and organizes and displays the various functions that Word provides.

9 Copy Ctrl + C

10 Select All Ctrl + A

11 Groups ___________ are the commands within each tab and are further organized into groups.

12 Undo Ctrl + Z

13 Italicize Ctrl + I

14 keyboarding shortcut A ______________ is a combination of two or three key strokes that allows you to activate a command much quicker than you could by clicking with the mouse.

15 Save Ctrl + S

16 Undo Button ___________ allows you to undo the very last action that you performed one time.

17 Warm Boot When the computer is already on by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys at the same time is called a _______________.

18 Save As ____________ is used the first time you save and will ask for a filename.

19 Tabs ____________ are the main organizational categories for Word functions. When you click on a tab, the functions within that tab appear on the Ribbon.

20 Bold Ctrl + B

21 The Office Button ____________ is a round button with the Microsoft insignia on it. Clicking it reveals commands that resided in the File menu in earlier versions of Word.

22 Underline Ctrl + U

23 1. Office Button 2. Ribbon 3. Quick Access Toolbar 4. Help Button List the 4 main parts of Microsoft Word 2007.

24 Paste Ctrl + V

25 A drive ____________ allows you to store and retrieve information from a disk.

26 Cold Boot Turning the computer on for the first time after the power has been shut off is called a ________________.

27 launcher Some groups also have a little square at their bottom right, called a ___________ that you press to launch a dialog box that provides more commands in the category that the group covers.

28 D drive ____________ allows you to store and retrieve information from a CD

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