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Create Professional-looking Content Easy to Use Interface Share Documents.

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1 Create Professional-looking Content Easy to Use Interface Share Documents


3 Ribbon Mini Toolbar Shortcut Menus Quick Access Toolbar Office Button

4 The Ribbon The Ribbon is the control center in Word and consists of Tabs 7 top level tabs Home – primary tab Insert Page Layout References Mailings Review View Groups – each tab has its on group of topics Commands – each group has its on specific commands

5  Additional tools, galleries, buttons and text for certain tasks *Most galleries support the “live preview”  Dialog Box Launcher – displays a dialog box or task pane with options for the group The Ribbon - Contextual Tabs

6  Appears automatically based on tasks  Purpose is to minimize mouse movement – saving the time to switch tabs  Initially transparent Mini Toolbar

7 When you right click an item in the document Word displays both the Mini toolbar and a shortcut menu

8  Located at the top of the Ribbon (by default)  Provides access to frequently used commands  Initially displays – save, undo, and redo  Can customize the Quick Access Toolbar

9  Used to manage and share documents

10 Customize Word with Word Options

11  Keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse  Press the ALT key  Press the displayed  Code letter  Number To remove shortcuts Press the ESC key or click in the document

12 Click Insert on the Ribbon Click the Insert Picture from File button Find the device that contains the picture to use Click Insert

13 Picture tools and Format tabs automatically appear when a graphic is selected in the document Word provides a gallery of more than 25 picture styles, that include a variety of shapes, angles, borders and reflections. To see the Picture Tools – double click on the inserted graphic Click the More button in the Picture Styles gallery to shows more options Point to a picture style to display a live preview of that style applied to the graphic

14 To create a header or footer click: Insert- Choose Header or Footer Select the desired built-in Header or Footer or Click Edit Header or Footer to create a customize.

15 To use the same graphic or text frequently these can be stored in a building block and then used in the open document. To create a building block: Select the text to be a building block Click the Quick Parts button on the Insert button Click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery Type a name for the quick part - click OK To insert a building block Select Quick Parts button Select the building block to be used

16 SmartArt allows you to visually communicate information rather simply using text. Illustrations can really make an impact in the document and SmartArt makes using graphics especially easy. Office StaffAdministratorsTeachers Emergency Call List SmartArt



19 Word 2007 offers many improvements over previous versions of Word. But, the program still has its annoyances. For example, Word 2007 will add a space between paragraphs by default. This space cannot be removed by using the backspace key. And, it can be difficult to find the option to remove the space. If you don’t want Word to add the extra space, you can turn it off. However, you will need to turn it every time you open a new document unless you alter the template. To turn off the space between paragraphs, follow these steps: 1. On the Home ribbon, find the Paragraph section 2. In the bottom right corner of the section, click the button to show the Paragraph dialog box 3. Select “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style” 4. Click OK You can remove the space between paragraphs you’ve already typed in your document. Simply select the paragraphs and then follow the above steps

20 It allows you to create PDF documents in Word and other Office applications. After you download and install the add-in, follow these steps to create a PDF in Word: 1. Click the Office button 2. Click Print 3. In the Print dialog box, select PDF in the list of printer choices 4. Click Print or choose 5.Save As – choose Adobe PDF Using the Microsoft Add-in allows you to save the document as a Adobe PDF. The add- in must be installed before this option is available. Microsoft Add-ins

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