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OVERVIEW OF OFFICE 2007 What You Need to Know to Get Started!

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1 OVERVIEW OF OFFICE 2007 What You Need to Know to Get Started!

2 Information Technology Services, UIS2 Agenda  Putting Your Mind at Ease  Benefits of Using Office 2007  What Happened to the File Menu?  The New Look  Highlights

3 Information Technology Services, UIS3 Relax!  Functionality is the same  How we interact with the interface is different  Documents made in previous versions can be opened in Office 2007  Documents created in Office 2007 can be saved in previous versions

4 Information Technology Services, UIS4 Benefits  One control center  Microsoft Office Fluent user interface  Very visual  New file formats  Increased security  Reduced chance of corruption  Reduced file size

5 Information Technology Services, UIS5 What Happened to the File Menu?  Replaced with the Microsoft Office Button  This button also includes the features from the Tools > Options dialog box  Interactive Guides are available  Free downloads that allow you to click on the feature in Office 2003 and it will show you where that feature can be found in Office 2007

6 Information Technology Services, UIS6 The New Look  Microsoft Office Button  The Ribbon  With tabs, groups, and commands  Quick Access Toolbar  Dialog Box Launcher  Mini Toolbar

7 Information Technology Services, UIS7 Microsoft Office Button  Upper-left corner of screen  Includes functionality of File menu and Tools > Options

8 Information Technology Services, UIS8 The Ribbon  Replaces menu bar and toolbars  Keeps commands visible while you work  No hiding under menus and toolbars

9 Information Technology Services, UIS9 The Ribbon  Has 3 components  Tabs Across the top Represent an activity area Similar to a menu bar  Groups Each tab has several groups that show related items together  Commands A button, dropdown list, or box to enter information

10 The Ribbon Group Tab Command

11 Information Technology Services, UIS11 Quick Access Toolbar  Small area to the upper-left of the Ribbon  Contains everyday commands  Save, Undo  Customizable  Add your commonly used commands, like Print, Print Preview, or Spell Checker

12 Quick Access Toolbar Right-click on a command to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar

13 Information Technology Services, UIS13 Dialog Box Launcher  Small arrow in lower-right corner of a group  Indicates there are more detailed or advanced options available

14 Dialog Box Launcher

15 Information Technology Services, UIS15 Mini Toolbar  Automatically appears whenever you select text  Contains common text formatting commands

16 Information Technology Services, UIS16 Highlights  Keyboard shortcuts  New file formats  Proofing tools  Themes  SmartArt graphics  Live Preview

17 Information Technology Services, UIS17 Keyboard Shortcuts & Access Keys  CTRL shortcuts remain the same  CTRL + C is still Copy  Every single command on the Ribbon, Office button, and Quick Access Toolbar has an access key  Every access key is assigned a Key Tip  Press ALT to trigger the Key Tips

18 Key Tips Press ALT to trigger the Key Tips, then press the indicated key to activate the feature

19 Information Technology Services, UIS19 New File Formats  End in the traditional extension, plus ‘x’  Word:.docx  PowerPoint:.pptx  Additional new format for macro-enabled files; ends in ‘m’  Ability to export files in PDF or XPS format  Requires free download from Microsoft

20 Information Technology Services, UIS20 Proofing Tools  Contextual spell-checker  there vs their  your vs you’re  wear vs where  Exclusion dictionary  Forces spell-checker to flag words you want to avoid using theater instead of theatre form instead of from For example, “You left the keys over their.” (instead of there)

21 Information Technology Services, UIS21 Themes  Available across all products  Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can have the same “look”  Elements are automatically formatted to follow the theme

22 Information Technology Services, UIS22 SmartArt Graphics  Create editable illustrations simply and without the aid of a professional designer  Create dynamic workflow, relationship, or hierarchy diagrams  Their format will automatically follow your theme

23 SmartArt Graphics Group 1 Group 3 Group 2 Group 4 Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 Main Idea Point A Point B Point C Point D

24 Information Technology Services, UIS24 Live Preview  Preview how a formatting change will look before applying it  Simply point to a selection and Office 2007 will preview how it will look in the document

25 Live Preview As you point to each of the styles, the selected text is automatically previewed to that style.

26 Information Technology Services, UIS26 And Much More!  In-depth training will be available on individual software packages  Contact Kara McElwrath if you have any questions! 206-8237 BRK 136F 206-8237 BRK 136F

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