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“Enterprise Security” June 2009

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1 “Enterprise Security” June 2009
Scott Muench – Senior Applications Engineer Steve Lucas – Security Business Manager Rick Weisensale – Security Product Manager © 2009 Tridium, Inc,

2 Welcome! The goal of TridiumTalk is to share with the Niagara community timely content on sales, products and technical topics.  Each session will last between minutes and will be a mix of presentation, demonstrations and Q&A. This session and past sessions will be posted on our community web site at The content presented here is representative of Tridium’s Niagara technology and products in general, please contact your channel partner for specific details and pricing. As a courtesy to others in the conference, please place your phone on mute until the Q&A portion of the program

3 Enterprise Security Tridium's Enterprise Security is a comprehensive access control and security management solution, developed entirely on the Niagara Framework. The Enterprise application serves as a central management tool for many security JACEs, enabling scalability from single door deployments to multi-building / multi-campus environments. This TridiumTALK takes a look at the product capabilities, platform strategies as well as typical applications. By integrating today's diverse building systems such as environmental controls, security, lighting, energy, fire and video, the NiagaraAX Framework is creating better buildings-ones that are smarter, use less energy, are more efficient, have lower operating costs, are safer and contribute to a sustainable environment.

4 Agenda Security Landscape Platform Approach Enterprise Security
Introduction Features Product Structure Hardware Overview Capacities / Architecture Live Demonstration More Information Question and Answer Session

5 Security Landscape Current Situation Diverse Subsystems
Many Different Manufacturers Lack of Open Standards Barriers to Interoperability Industry Movement to IP Push to Open Systems Access Control Video Intrusion Fire Identity Mgmt

6 Familiar Problem… Card Access Video Intrusion Fire Identity Mgmt

7 Tridium Strategy Model subsystem components
Interoperability between disparate manufacturers Unified user experience Card Access Video Intrusion Fire Identity Mgmt

8 Enterprise Security Comprehensive access control, security management solution Scalable from single door to campus environment Application entirely accessible through standard web browser No workbench required Developed on truly open platform Open architecture Open framework Open distribution Open protocol support Distributed architecture Integrates seamlessly with BAS, lighting and energy management systems

9 Product Features Utilizes standard relational database
Base options of MS SQL 2003 and MySQL Optional support for Oracle and DB2 UL 294, C-UL, and CE listed systems available Supports multiple protocols oBIX, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, and other open protocols Extensive support for legacy devices Common GUI experience Built on Niagara Framework Flexible, adaptable architecture Common object model Upgrade path from 1.x product

10 Product Features (cont)
Industry standard Wiegand reader communication protocol Supports multiple card formats Extensive data import capabilities Import card holder data via CSV Definable supervised input voltage Flexible card validation to support proprietary card formats Credential only Credential + facility code Entire card format

11 Application Features Central management of card holder database
Access control Reader only, reader + keypad, reader or keypad Schedule unlock on first validation Intrusion detection Optional LCD based keypad for zone arm/disarm Elevator control Access zones Anti-Passback Occupancy counting Supervisor rule enforcement Integrated alarm / activity monitoring Predefined and ad-hoc reporting tools

12 Product Structure Licensable application on AX supervisor
Existing supervisor Integrated supervisor Security only supervisor Restricted to Security drivers and Security JACEs only Application licensed by total # of readers 16, 64, 256, and 1024 reader packs No limitation / restriction on simultaneous users Requires Niagara AX 3.4 Enterprise security parts bundled Include security application, db driver and 32 reader license Database software sold separately

13 Integrated Video Video Integration Functions
Bi-directional alarm interface from Niagara to video products Alarms from security system can initiate events in video system Video product events (pixel motion detection, loss of video, etc) can be processed as standard Niagara alarms Standard Niagara widgets for video support View live video Pan / tilt / zoom control Query and playback stored video DVR video display management

14 Hardware Overview Security JACE Expansion Reader and I/O Modules
Contains security appliance, embedded web server Includes connections for 2 doors Expansion Reader and I/O Modules Communicates via RS 485 with Security JACE 4000 ft cable distance, wired using daisy chain topology Reader module capacity includes 2 doors I/O module capacity includes 8 inputs / 8 outputs LCD Based Keypad for System Arm / Disarm Communicates via separate RS 485, requires option card Keypad driver included with security application UL 294, C-UL, CE listed Wiegand Protocol, 12 VDC Readers

15 System Capacities

16 Security Architecture

17 Integrated Architecture

18 Live Demonstration

19 More Information For more information visit

20 Question and Answer Session
Select the Q&A icon in the menu bar to type your questions Feel free to speak up for further discussion Please introduce yourself, company name, and where you are calling from.

21 Thank you! We would like your feedback on today’s TridiumTalk
Please take a moment to answer our short survey If you have any further questions, comments or topic suggestions, please them to Steve Lucas Rick Weisensale Scott Muench

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