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Microbiology 156 Mrs. Sidelsky

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1 Microbiology 156
Mrs. Sidelsky

2 Class One Please sign safety forms
Make sure you understand the safety rules Be able to identify safety equipment in the room

3 Dress for Laboratory

4 Laboratory Laboratory coat is required Hair should be tied back
No open shoes( sandals) No Gum, food, beverages Keep personal belongings on shelves at the entrance to the laboratory Prepare for each class by reading laboratory experiment(s) for class

5 Journal For the second class you will need a Journal
The Journal can be a marble notebook or spiral bound notebook. It will consist of laboratory experiments for each class. Directions for your laboratory manual will be provided during the second class

6 Compound Light Microscope

7 Introducing your microscope
Always clean lenses before starting Always with both hands supporting base Store with arm facing the door. Cover Cleaning lenses before and after using Focus with scanning and low before proceeding to high and oil Learn the most effective ways to regulate and manage light

8 Objective Lenses Objective Lens Mag Total Mag Color of Lens Use
Scaniing 5 50 Red Observe the entire slide. Focus with coarse adjustment Low 10 100 Yellow Tweak focus with coarse. Make sure the image is clear and centered High 40 400 Blue Focus only with fine adjustment Oil 1000 White Apply oil and then turn high power objective lens and focus with fine adj

9 Microscope terms Microscope terms Magnification Total magnification
Resolution Depth of field Size of field Working distance Parfocal Parcentric

10 Microscope and Slides Three Threads
Place slide on mechanical stage.  Make sure that stage clips are holding slide securely.  Use the scanning lens( red) to find the point at which the threads cross. Focus the microscope .  Using the coarse adjustment Observe and draw Change to low power. Turn the revolving nose piece so that the yellow lens is in place. Observe and draw

11 Observations What do you notice about the size of field?????
What do you notice about your ability to focus. Focus up and down very carefully and slowly with the fine adjustment What occurs? Why

12 High Power If your focus is sharp and clear, turn the revolving nosepiece to blue Use the fine adjustment, focus carefully – you are very close to the slide. Observe and draw

13 Bacterial Slide Take a slide of a bacillus from the supply area
Place it on the Stage Repeat the procedure, for focusing Adjust the light and draw Observe and draw.

14 Bacterial shapes

15 Bacterial Shapes and Arrangement

16 Rods- Bacilli – Stained with Gram Stain

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