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The Ku Klux Klan Presentation

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1 The Ku Klux Klan Presentation
By Kathryn Harron And Steven Truong

2 Why Did KKK Start? The KKK was started just after the Civil War because they wanted to keep ex-slaves.

3 The Birth Of The Ku Klux Klan
The birth of the Klan was formed by a group called Confederate Army veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee. The KKK (Invisible Empire) is quickly spread in the Southern States of USA.

4 When Did KKK Start? Who Was The KKK’s First Leader?
The KKK started in 1865 or maybe it started in 1866. The KKK’s first leader was Nathan Bedfort Forrest, he was also a Confederate general.

5 In The Mid -1920 The KKK grew rapidly around the mid -1920, more than 2 million members were in the country against the blacks.

6 What Weakened The KKK’s Organization?
Public criticism of the KKK’s violence weakened this organization. In the 1930’s the South KKK groups remained strong. Plus in 1944 the organization died out again.

7 In The Mid 1900’s Terrorist attacks, killing three civil rights workers and bombing Birmingham, Alabama were all KKK’s attacks.

8 How Did KKK Members Attract People?
The KKK published videos to those who often use violence.

9 Late 1900’s Early 2000’s Five anti-Klan demonstrators were killed by Klan members and their supporters in 1979. Klan members murdered a black youth in 1981, and since then they have declined due to prosecutions for illegal activites.

10 How Many Klans Were There?
The first Klan started in s. The second Klan started in The third Klan started in

11 Where I Got My Information and pictures.
I got my information at yahoo, World Book Student, and Google. I got my pictures from Google images.

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