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How to answer a Free Response Question (or FRQs as they are commonly known)

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1 How to answer a Free Response Question (or FRQs as they are commonly known)

2 Tips before-hand  An AP Human Geography FRQ is NOT an essay. There is no need to restate the question or to provide introductions or conclusions.  You could provide them if it seems useful, but no points are awarded for them.  Though difficult in practice, it’s time to learn that you use differnet writing for  It is also not a bulleted list list of facts. You need to provide a narrative, coherent series of paragraphs that is convincing. No points are given for bulleted outlines.

3 "Most students who do poorly on AP level tests do know much of the information, but are not answering the question correctly." --Barbara Ramsey, AP Reader and AP approved trainer

4 Reading the Question It’s a SNAP!   Subject – Find the specifics about the main subject. One part might be regurgitating knowledge, but it’s not going to be a simple spit out information.   Number of Parts – How many sections and answers are necessary within the section? +1   Action Words – What are you being asked to do with the subject?   Period and Location – Find the exact period and the locations that are requested. Make sure that your answer is within those bounds!   ! – Vocabulary words – Look for vocabulary words! Start out that section’s answer by defining them!

5 Planning!  Pre-Plan  I don’t care how smart you are (or how smart you think you are.) ALWAYS PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!  In class, do it right on the paper.  On the test, do it right in your book.  If a point is not clear in your FRQ answer, a reader can refer to your plans to clarify it if you haven’t crossed it out.  They don’t grade your plan, but can use it to clarify something in your FRQ.  So never cross anything out, simply check it off!

6 Writing the answer!  As you answer the question, check off each part in your outline as the you write it into your paragraph. That makes it so you don’t forget any parts of the answer you already thought up.  Always give one more answer than is requested. (always +1)  Put the best answers first, less great answers further on.  Just like we always have homework, WE ALWAYS GIVE EXAMPLES!

7 After you complete the FRQ answer  You’d probably like to just put your head down and go to sleep. DON’T!  Check your FRQ answer compared to your outline – make sure that you didn’t forget anything.  Read through your FRQ answer making sure it makes sense. It’s easy to leave out a word or two especially when writing under pressure.

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