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UNIT 4 VOCAB green series Lessons 16-24. Chide Scold mildly, disapproval.

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1 UNIT 4 VOCAB green series Lessons 16-24

2 Chide Scold mildly, disapproval

3 noxious Harmful to life and health

4 scenario Sequence of events, story

5 diabolic Very cruel, wicked, demonic

6 yen A strong desire for, craving

7 integral Necessary to the whole, needed part

8 Coalition A union or group with a purpose

9 commensurate Consistent with, in proportion

10 Connotation a secondary meaning of a word, common use

11 dilapidated Broken down, in major need of repair

12 analogy A comparison of two things to make a point

13 vindicate Clear from blame, prove right

14 placebo A fake medication or cure

15 emanate To come out of, come forth

16 annihilate To destroy completely

17 criterion A standard by which something is judged

18 subversive Undermine or overthrow, sneaky

19 staunch Firm, loyal, supporting

20 holisitic Emphasize the whole

21 proficient Skilled, expert, highly skilled

22 exacerbate To make worse, make severe

23 mitigate Relieve, make better or less intense

24 unprecedented Never done before, a first

25 panacea A cure- all, a universal remedy

26 atrophy To wear down, become weak from lack of use

27 deplore To condemn, to express disapproval

28 deprivation Lack or have a shortage of basics

29 imperative Urgent, necessary

30 objective Open-minded, not prejudiced

31 utilitarian Made for practical use

32 assimilate To blend or fit in to a culture or area

33 demeanor Conduct, behavior

34 denunciation To criticize publicly, put down

35 indolent Lazy, avoiding work

36 belligerent Hostile, aggressive

37 inherent Natural, built-in, inborn

38 unilateral Acting on one’s own, one-sided choice

39 unassuming Modest, not boastful

40 dissipate To thin out or scatter, vanish

41 nonchalant Calm, carefree, casual

42 decorum Correct manners or behavior

43 exhiliration High spirits, energy

44 facilitate To help or make something easier, assist

45 orthodox The normal or accepted method, tradition

46 extricate To free from a difficulty

47 synchronize Occur at the exact same time

48 espouse To support, argue for

49 tenuous Shaky, poorly supported

50 exorbitant Costly, excessive, beyond what is needed

51 rejuvenate Give new life to, make fresh again

52 encompass include

53 standardize make uniform

54 homogenous uniform

55 stringent strict, rules

56 adept able, skilled

57 eradicate remove, wipe out

58 sordid morally low, evil

59 entrepreneur business starter or venture

60 stint short time of work

61 presumptuous pushy, bold

62 metriculous careful, exact

63 repugnant revolting, disgusting

64 foible quirk, personal oddity

65 recrimination blame, charge another

66 magnanimous generous, forgiving

67 exhort push to do, urge

68 rancor bad feelings, ill will

69 innocuous not harmful, not dangerous

70 flamboyant showy, colorful

71 masochist one likes to suffer or hurt self

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