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Advancing Vocabulary Skills Third Edition (Chapter 17)

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1 Advancing Vocabulary Skills Third Edition (Chapter 17)
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2 Word: exhort Definition: to urge with argument
or strong advice; plead earnestly Part of Speech: verb Link: argument Derivatives: exhorts, exhorted, exhorting Sentence: He tried to exhort the bag away from him with a huge argument to distract him.

3 Word: flamboyant Definition: very showy; strikingly bold
Part of Speech: adjective Link: ostrich Derivative: flamboyantly Sentence: The ostrich was so flamboyant when he put his wings up to show off.

4 Word: foible Definition: a minor weakness
or character flaw; a minor fault in behavior Part of Speech: noun Link: sword guild Derivative: foibles Sentence: The sword guild thrives on foibles, minor weaknesses, to take advantage of their opponents. A foible is also a part of the sword between the middle and the point.

5 Word: innocuous Definition: harmless; inoffensive
Part of Speech: adjective Link: innocuous, harmless dog Derivatives: innocuously, innocuousness Sentence: Goldie my innocuous, harmless dog looks so peaceful here with the flowers around her head.

6 Word: magnanimous Definition: noble in mind and
spirit; especially generous in forgiving Part of Speech: adjective Link: extremely generous Derivatives: magnanimously, magnanimousness Sentence: The football player used his status in a magnanimous way. He was extremely generous in donating his extra time to working with the orphanages.

7 Word: masochist Definition: a person who gains
satisfaction from suffering physical or psychological pain Part of Speech: noun Link: Houdini: magician or masochist? Derivative: masochists Sentence: Was Houdini a magician or a masochist? Did he just enjoy inflicting pain on himself, or what?

8 Word: meticulous Definition: extremely careful
and exact; showing great attention to details Part of Speech: adjective Link: meticulous housekeepers Derivatives: meticulously, meticulousness Sentence: The meticulous housekeepers had to get every speck of dust or they could not relax and enjoy the day.

9 Word: rancor Definition: intense hatred or
ill will; long-lasting resentment Part of Speech: noun Link: ill will Derivative: Sentence: The rancor between the Capulets and the Montagues resulted in the death of their children: Romeo and Juliet. There had been ill-will in their families for as long as anyone could remember.

10 Word: recrimination Definition: an accusation made
in response to an accuser; countercharge Part of Speech: noun Derivative: recriminations Link: responsive accusation Sentence: Igor made a responsive accusation when he gave Dr. Frankenstein the normal brain on Christmas morning. Dr. Frankenstein was filled with recrimination for the rude gift.

11 Word: repugnant Definition: offensive; distasteful; repulsive
Part of Speech: adjective Derivative: repugnantly Link: obnoxious grub Sentence: On “Fear Factor” you never know what type of repugnant stunt or type of obnoxious grub they will make you eat!

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