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Cyber Time 4th Grade.

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1 Cyber Time 4th Grade

2 Personal Information Never give out your address or phone number.
Do not give out your last name ! DO NOT share your pet’s name! You may share your favorite team if it is not local. (ex. Millstone Eagles) You can share your favorite color and dislikes.

3 Stranger Danger Do not plan to meet anyone.
Be aware of online friends. Tell an adult if you feel uncomfortable. People Lie. Don’t post photos or videos.

4 Guidelines to the Internet
Use the internet for research and educational purposes. Ask for permission before using the internet and printing. You can use the web for educational games.

5 Cyber Bullying Report any cyberbullying you see!
Cyber bullying is illegal. Cyber bullying Can be anonymous Report any abuse / misuse of technology.

6 Staying Safe Stay safe Ask permission Find help Everyone is watching
Think before typing Your information is not for sharing

7 Bye for now! And watch out for nargles- I mean online strangers

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