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Go Green! Kristen DeJarnette.

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1 Go Green! Kristen DeJarnette

2 What does it mean to Go Green?
Going Green is not just recycling. Going Green is living in a way that is good and friendly for the envirorment. To Go Green means contributing to preserve the planet and all of its natural resources.

3 Examples of how to Go Green.
Recycling. Reusing things that can be re-used. Use energy efficient light bulbs. Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Un-plug things that aren’t being used.

4 Randolph Henry Going Green.
Bring Your Own Cup to Statesmen Café to reduce usage of plastic cups. Turning the Water Fountain into a place for plants. Recycle your bottle tops.

5 Randolph Henry Going Green.
Recycled Paper. Recycling Bins. Recycling Bins.

6 Randolph Henry Going Green.
Recycled Papers in the Teacher’s Lounge. A place to recycle bottles.

7 Ways To Be “Greener”. Do something about the windows.
Drive Smaller Vehicles. Recycle all paper and bottles.

8 What Students Think About Going Green.

9 Other Green School. A Windward Elementary schools is powering itself with solar energy. South Shore Charter Public School have received Hybrid School Buses.

10 Go Green!

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