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Recycling By, The Pop Can Girls.

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1 Recycling By, The Pop Can Girls

2 What is Recycling? Recycling is what you can recycle or reuse.

3 Why Do We Need To Recycle?
We need recycling so there is less trash and so we can breathe. Without recycling the earth will be a mess.

4 What Kind Of Things Can Be Recycled?
Pop cans Milk jugs Newspaper Pudding cups Popsicle sticks Glass bottles Scrap paper Fruit baskets at the store

5 What Can Our School Do To Recycle?
Kids can bring things from lunch and put them in a special bin. Then we can sort it. Then we can keep collecting stuff. Then we can take it to the recycle place.

6 Where Could We Take Our Recycled Things?
We are going to take it to the Green Recycling Plant.

7 Who Could Be in Charge of Recycling at School?
Going Green Club

8 What Can You Do at Home To Recycle Things?
Sort recyclable items into bins. Reuse plastic containers. You can take a shorter shower. You can use less water when you brush your teeth.

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