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 “Go Green” is using everyday methods to help save the environment.

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2  “Go Green” is using everyday methods to help save the environment

3  Recycling  Unplugging electronics that you are not going to use (like a charger or T.V.)  Using less water  Using Energy Smart light bulbs

4 Reusing items that people would usually throw away. Instead of throwing plastic bottles away, we can out them in this recycling bottle. You can recycle paper, newspaper, and magazines.

5 Bringing your own mug for the Statesmen Café will save the environment from stryofoam cups. You can recycle your old electronics instead of throwing them away. Caps from bottles are not recycleable

6  We can get electronic water faucets  We can get new doors that will not leave cracks so the heat in the winter can stay in the school  We can put more recycle bins in all the class rooms instead of just the Ecology room

7  Chicago Public Schools are using oversized windows and scuff-proof reflective floors made by recycled glass “The maple ceilings are made using wood logged in environmentally responsible ways.”

8  Williams College in Massachusetts dimmed their lights and unplugged electronics that they were not using at the moment to save energy.  “In college we leave our computers on. We leave lights on in the common areas. So I think a lot of it is turning off the lights and computers off, something we can do regularly.” -Keith McWhorter

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