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Ch. 19.2: Reducing Solid Waste

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1 Ch. 19.2: Reducing Solid Waste

2 A. Reduce… If we produce less waste, we will reduce the expense and difficulty of collecting and disposing of it. Mostly common sense techniques

3 A. Reduce… Buying Less Products with less packaging
Not using unnecessary store bags

4 B. …Reuse… Buying products that last longer
Dish towels instead of paper towels The old coke glass bottles that were returned to the store, washed, and reused.

5 C. …Recycle Also saves energy and resources
Ex. 95% less energy is needed to produce aluminum from recycled cans than from ore. Ex. 70% less energy for paper

6 C. …Recycle A series of steps 1) Items must be collected and sorted
2) Transport to separate facilities 3) Cleaning 4) Breakdown and remade 5) Sold as new products

7 C. …Recycle Composting Yard and kitchen waste make up 15% of a community’s solid waste All biodegradable After breaking down, compost can be used as fertilizer

8 C. …Recycle Degradable Plastics
Photodegradable plastic – made so that when it is left in the sun for many weeks, it becomes brittle and breaks into pieces.

9 C. …Recycle Degradable Plastics
Green plastic – Made by blending plant sugars with a special chemical agent. Requires 20-50% less fossil fuels Degrades within 45 days of being thrown away (bacteria break it down)

10 C. …Recycle Degradable Plastics
Problems – These only break down into smaller pieces, but these pieces can still remain as long as regular plastics.

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