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Mrs. Chappell’s Class Recycling Project Why Recycling Works.

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2 Mrs. Chappell’s Class Recycling Project Why Recycling Works

3 When did recycling begin? Recycling begin in the 1960’s when the people realized they where using too much water and trees.

4 What if we didn’t recycle We should recycle so we don’t make a big landfill! If we keep on filling the landfill we would have no place to live. The trash would keep building up, up, up.

5 What is a landfill? A landfill is a place where garbage trucks dump all the trash that we put in the trash cans. Putting trash in the landfill is bad for the environment, so that is why we recycle.

6 Types of Recycling? You can recycle plastic bottles. You can recycle newspaper. You can recycle juice boxes. You can recycle cans and glass.

7 How do you know if something can be recycled? You can tell if something can be recycled by looking at this symbol. The number inside tells you what type of plastic it is.

8 Recycling at School We can recycle at school by using the lunch trays and stacking them up. They melt them down and transform the plastic into toys, phone cases and clocks.

9 Donate things you don’t want or need. You should give away your old clothes \ toys instead of throwing them away. Other people may be able to use the things we don’t need anymore.

10 Compost Compost is little pieces of vegetables and fruit that are eaten by bugs. The bugs turn it into little bits of soil called humus.

11 Grocery Bags One way you can recycle at home is to reuse your grocery bags. You could also recycle your plastic bags at the grocery store. Using reusable bags is another great idea.

12 Reusing Trash for Another Purpose You could reuse old pieces of paper for crafts. You could reuse jars and containers to store pencils, markers, buttons, crayons, beads, and other small things. You could refinish old furniture and make it look new again. You could make a quilt or pillow out of an old t-shirt.

13 In Conclusion Make sure you recycle as much as possible. Do your part to save the environment at school, at home, and everywhere Thank you for reading our class power point.

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