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Power Point Tips How to With Wasting Time Follow Each Step.

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1 Power Point Tips How to With Wasting Time Follow Each Step

2 Create A Folder for This Project Go to My Computer > My Documents

3 Create a New Folder

4 Name Folder Topic + Your Name

5 All elements of Your Power Point must be saved in this folder This includes Saved Pictures Animations Music Files Etc

6 How to Save Pictures To Your Folder Always Select See full size image

7 Right – Mouse – Click (RMC) Select Save Picture As

8 Select Your Project Folder Select folder > open > save

9 Open Power Point Program File > Save As > My Documents > Find Project Folder > Name your Power Point as your first name and last name project title > OK

10 Adding A Video to Your Presentation If you are required to have a video in your Power Point project you will need to use an online service to retrieve your video and convert the video so you can use it. First, find a video that is related to your topic. If you are using Google as your search engine, type the word “video” after your topic search – here is an example Cherokee Video

11 Video After finding your video, copy the url address – to copy: click on the address and right-mouse-click (RMC) – select copy To convert – go to

12 project file folder 1 - Paste the url address in step 1 2 - Select wmv in step 2 3 -use your school email address in select convert step 3 4 - check your email in 5-10 minutes 5 - save the download file into your project file folder

13 Ready To Go to Work Do not copy and paste text or pictures Paraphrase Copy the URL Address from all source locations and paste in the last slide of your presentation – Describe what information you used from the web site –Here is an example: Crow Indian Picture - http://www.old-

14 If You Need Help How do you… Click here for help – expand all and click on what you need to learn)How do you… Click here for help – expand all and click on what you need to learn) Username – bowlinggcs Password – school Scroll down the page until you see what you need to learn to complete your project Always refer to your rubric for requirements.


16 Record Narration Inserting Narration With PowerPoint 2003, you can record your own narration and select the slide to which you want the narration applied. NOTE: In order to record narration, you must have a microphone. View the appropriate slide in Normal viewNormal view From the Slide Show menu, select Record Narration... The Record Narration dialog box appears. If this is the first time you are recording narration, click SET MICROPHONE LEVEL... The Microphone Check dialog box appears. Follow the directions on the Microphone Check dialog box and click OK To begin recording, from the Record Narration dialog box, click OK A slide selection dialog box appears. To have the recording start on the current slide, click CURRENT SLIDE OR To have the recording start at the first slide, click FIRST SLIDE The slide show automatically starts at the selected slide. As you go through each slide, add appropriate narration NOTE: At the end of the show an alert box appears asking if you want to save slide timings. To save the slide timings, click SAVE OR To save only the narration, click DON'T SAVE

17 Presentation Made using 2003 / 2010 Power Point Save! After you save, let’s save as a powerpoint show – file>save as> change file save as type to powerpoint show!

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