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Developing professional presentations Office XP PowerPoint? Who? Us?

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1 Developing professional presentations Office XP PowerPoint? Who? Us?

2 Getting Started Click on START Click on ALL PROGRAMS


4 PowerPoint displays the blank title slide in Normal View

5 On the View menu, point to Toolbars

6 Make sure that standard and formatting are checked.

7 Change your toolbar viewing so that all menu commands appear and are not hidden On the view menu, point to toolbars, and then click customize

8 Click the options tab Select show standard and formatting toolbars on two rows and always show full menus. Click close

9 Create your story board This is a very brief outline of what you want to place in your presentation It is not necessary to be detailed other than a brief description of your text and the graphics you might want to include

10 Layout To choose a slide layout Choose format from the menu Choose slide layout from the drop down menu

11 Select a layout that is appropriate for what needs to be conveyed Click on the chosen layout

12 Enter the text of your presentation first Focus on the text or content before moving on to the enhancements and graphics Click on the new slide button each time you need to add another slide to your presentation

13 Adding Basics Click on the drop down arrow in the task pane box Choose slide design-design templates

14 Click on the down-arrow to the right of the template you have chosen and make a selection The normal choice is to apply to all slides It is not recommended to have different designs in the presentation

15 To change the color scheme of the selected design, click color schemes in the upper-right of the slide design pane

16 Click on the down-arrow to the right of the color scheme you have chosen and select apply to all slides You may also click the edit color schemes to customize colors Save your presentation

17 I want pictures!

18 Adding Graphics from Clip Art Choose a slide layout that will allow graphics to be inserted On the insert menu, point to picture, and then click Clip Art

19 In the search text box in the insert clip art pane, type a keyword to locate an appropriate clip. Use other search options to narrow the selection to clips of a specific type such as photos Click the search button

20 In the results box click once on the image you wish to insert If you are not satisfied with the search results click on modify and search again

21 Adding Graphics from the Internet With a few exceptions, it is within copyright law to take pictures from the Internet and use them for educational purposes in the classroom. However, if you use these pictures on a Web site or in a widely distributed publication, you may be in violation of copyright law. Check each Internet site to see whether it has restrictions or disclaimers for using its images.

22 Select an appropriate layout for content only or for text and content Save your presentation

23 Without closing PowerPoint (you may want to minimize it), open your Web browser Locate the Web site that contains the graphics you want to use in your presentation

24 If you are just looking for a specific type of image you might try Google, then select image and then key in what you are searching for in the search box

25 When you have found the image that you want right- click on it and then choose save picture as

26 Locate and open a folder that you wish to save the picture in Name the file. Do not change the letters to the right of the period (.gif or.jpg) These letters must remain for your image to work correctly Click save

27 Return to your presentation Click on that portion of your slide where a graphic can be placed

28 On the insert menu, point to picture, and then click from file

29 Locate your folder and open it Click once on your image file Click insert Save your presentation

30 Watch this Martha!

31 Adding Animation You can animate text graphics, sounds, movies, charts, and other objects on your slides to focus on key points, control the flow of information, and add interest to your presentation

32 Animation schemes add pre-set visual effects to text on slides. Ranging from subtle to exciting, each scheme usually includes an effect for the transition between slides, the slide title, and the body of the text.

33 If you are not in normal view, on the view menu, click normal

34 Move to the slide that you wish to add the animation scheme to or, if you want the animation scheme to apply to all slides, you can be on any slide

35 On the slide show menu, click animation schemes

36 In the slide design pane, in the apply to selected slides section, move your mouse over each animation scheme title to view an explanation of it, or click one of the animation schemes to see a preview

37 If you want to apply the scheme to all slides, click the apply to all slides button Save your presentation

38 Slide Transitions To make your presentation appear a little more polished, remember to add slide transitions between each slide

39 Click on slide show in the menu bar Select slide transition from the drop down menu

40 Select the transition that you want Select the speed of the transition If you want the same transition for all slides choose apply to all slides

41 Let’s add Music

42 Click on Insert on the menu bar Click on Movies and Sound Click on Sound from file

43 Insert your CD into the drive Select the CD drive from the drop down menu

44 Highlight it song or sound that you want Click OK

45 A dialog box will appear asking if you want the music to play automatically. Select the option of your choice, normally yes.

46 A little speaker will appear in the middle of your slide. You can resize this and move it to an inconspicuous location.

47 Choose Slide Show on the menu bar Select Custom Animation

48 You should see your music clip along with any other effects you may have chosen

49 Right Click on the music clip

50 A “play sound” dialog bow will appear There are two tabs to choose from in the dialog box, Effect and Timing

51 Here you can make the selections that will work best for your presentation

52 Are there any questions?

53 Thank you for your attention. Gee, that was fun.

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