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2 Molecules that are written on the left side of a chemical equation Protein molecule that speeds up chemical reactions in living things reactants enzyme

3 An organism that CAN’T make its own food and must get its energy from consuming other organisms Cell organelle containing thylakoid stacks where photosynthesis happens heterotroph chloroplast

4 Reactions of photosynthesis that use light energy to produce ATP and NADPH Large enzyme that joins ADP and a phosphate group to make ATP Light-dependent reactions ATP synthase

5 Light absorbing molecules like chlorophyll or carotinoids that capture energy from the sun Membrane sacs which stack up to make a granum Pigments thylakoids

6 An organism like a green plant that can make its own food Molecule made of deoxyribose, adenine, and 3 phosphates used by living things to store and release energy AUTOTROPH ATP

7 Plant pigments that are yellow, orange, or red not green Clusters of light collecting proteins found in the thylakoid membrane Space surrounding the thylakoids inside a chloroplast carotenoids photosystems stroma

8 Process by which plants use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) into oxygen (O 2 ) and glucose Stack of thylakoid membranes PHOTOSYNTHESIS GRANUM (pl. GRANA)

9 The change in shape of a protein at extremes of temperature or pH 6 carbon sugar molecule that is the product of photosynthesis and the main fuel burned by cells denaturing glucose

10 Reactions of photosynthesis in which energy from ATP and NADPH is used to build high energy sugar molecules Negatively charge particle found circling the nucleus of an atom Calvin cycle electron

11 Molecules that are produced during a chemical reaction that are written on the right side of a chemical equation High energy electron carrier which receives electrons and H+ ions when water splits during the light dependent reaction products NADP +


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