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Climate Change Scorecard Element 10: Sustainable Operations Leslie Brandt Katie Newcomb Lara Polansky February 16, 2011.

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1 Climate Change Scorecard Element 10: Sustainable Operations Leslie Brandt Katie Newcomb Lara Polansky February 16, 2011

2 Scorecard Overview Ensure a balanced approach to integrating climate change considerations into our programs and initiatives Each National Forest and Grassland will measure its progress over the next five years (FY 2010 – FY 2015) by: Answering “yes” or “no” to the 10 questions on an annual basis Providing a narrative describing accomplishments and/or plans for improvement Scorecard responses will help us: Identify our current strengths Identify areas for greater investment Help us inform the Department, Congress, and the public about our progress in responding to climate change

3 Scorecard Organization

4 Element 10: Sustainable Operations Climate Change Strategic Framework (2008) Goal 5 under the Forest Service Strategic Framework For Responding to Climate Change is “Sustainable Operations - Reduce the environmental footprint of Forest Service operations and be a leading example of a green organization.” Climate Change Roadmap (2010) Ongoing actions: “Reducing the Forest Service’s environmental footprint” Executive Order 13514 Part of our Mission

5 Campground Well Office It’s all connected… Slide Credit: Sarah Baker, Environmental Engineer, R3 RO

6 6 Environmental Footprint Areas Energy Water Waste Reduction / Recycling Fleet / Transportation Green Purchasing Sustainability Leadership

7 Tips for Getting to “Yes” on Element 10 Ask Questions: If you have a questions regarding the feasibility of an action item, or would like to request the addition of a new action item, submit your request with rationale to the Element 10 Review Team in an email with the subject line of “Climate Change Scorecard” to Collaborate with Unit Climate Change Coordinators: As the “green” champions at your respective Units, your Sustainable Operations knowledge will be invaluable for your Unit Coordinator. Be prepared to answer questions about work that has been completed (FY 2010 Preliminary Assessment) and to devise a strategy to accomplish action items (FY 2011 – FY 2015 Reports)

8 Tips for Getting to “Yes” on Element 10 Items may include work completed to date, as long as that work is still applicable and being implemented on the Unit. Some items have multiple completion boxes and may be counted multiple times. Some items have two-part questions. Both parts need to be completed to count as a “Yes” Items that require annual action may only be counted toward the cumulative total if they are being completed each year.

9 Energy Example Actions Tools Does your Unit hold energy awareness activities annually and share energy savings opportunities with employees? ts/Top10%20FreeThingsYouCanDoToReduceEnergyCost s.pdf ts/Top10%20FreeThingsYouCanDoToReduceEnergyCost s.pdf ts/TopTenCheapThingsYouCanDoToReduceEnergyCosts. pdf ts/TopTenCheapThingsYouCanDoToReduceEnergyCosts. pdf Has the initial Utility Bill Clean Up been completed and has your Unit identified the top 20% of facilities with highest energy use? area-energy.shtml#utility Has your Unit conducted energy audits on 20% of all climate-controlled facilities? ormance.bus_portfoliomanager Has your Unit implemented at least two energy-efficient technologies within at least 75% of all buildings? Vending misers Compact fluorescent light bulbs Office lights with motion sensors Life-cycle cost analysis _a_product.showProductGroup&pgw_code=LB _a_product.showProductGroup&pgw_code=LB

10 Water Example ActionsTools Does your Unit use environmentally-friendly landscaping around all main offices (e.g. xeriscaping or rain gardens)? Has your Unit conducted water audits on 20% of water- using facilities (both metered and unmetered)? Does your Unit conduct water awareness activities annually and share the “Water Conservation Habits” with employees? s/waterconservationhabits.rtf

11 Waste Reduction/Recycling Example Actions Tools Has your unit set all printers and copiers to default to double-sided printing? s/savepaper.pdf Does your unit recycle electronic waste? Link to Lighten Your Load Video: utube utube Does your unit recycle or salvage at least 50% of construction waste? Does your Unit have an incident recycling guide? Is it being used for incidents? Does your Unit recycle at least three different materials (e.g., paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, glass, cardboard) on a regular basis?

12 Fleet/Transportation Example ActionsTools Has your Unit shared eco-driving tips with volunteers, seasonal and new employees on an annual basis? s/TheEcoDriversManual.pdf Does your unit participate in transit and bike subsidy programs? transit/ Has your Unit computed the fuel economy for each vehicle and posted this information for pool vehicles? When purchasing a vehicle, does your Unit fleet manager consider GHG emissions and costs? Do you use FLEET or other life cycle cost methods as part of your purchasing decisions? Does your Unit check and correct tire pressure during required monthly inspections? Lenise Lago DRF R6

13 Green Purchasing Example ActionsTools Has your Unit identified 3 new replacement products that are being purchased now for which a green product could be acquired? Has your Unit started purchasing these items? EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchases (EPP); OFFE Green Products Compilation: e_prg_id=26960 USDA Biopreferred Product Compilation: htm Responsible Purchasing Has your unit moved from 30% post-consumer recycled content paper to 100% post-consumer recycled content paper? RPN_Paper_Standards_Comparison_Chart.pdf RPN_Paper_Standards_Comparison_Chart.pdf Has every employee who identifies purchasing needs, makes procurement requests or is a micropurchaser taken green purchasing training? AGlearn: Log into AGlearn ( then search on “Green Purchasing” Importance of Properly Coding BOCs: objective-classification-codes-fact-sheet.pdf objective-classification-codes-fact-sheet.pdf Western Collective-sponsored green purchasing training webinars Have you included green contract/procurement language in all of your acquisition orders/contracts when appropriate? (scroll down to the contract/procurement language subheading)

14 Sustainability Leadership Example ActionsTools Does your Unit have a cross-discipline green team that is meeting at least quarterly? Has a multi-year action plan been developed that is supported by Unit leadership? Green Team Toolkit: m-toolkit/how-to-start.shtml Does your green team have resources to implement at least part of its multi-year approved action plan? Is this multi-year action plan shared annually with all employees on your Unit? Does your unit have an annual sustainable operations award and/or recognition program for employees and partners? Is time provided to employees to participate in key sustainable operations activities on the unit and the community? Are sustainable operations practices included as an annual topic at seasonal and new employee orientation on your unit? Your Excuse.HQ.wmv

15 The 7 th Footprint = F-U-N Deer River RD, Chippewa NF, R9 Saved 73,000 gal of water in one year by replacing 7 toilets Increased their energy efficiency by 35% and saved the same amount of CO 2 emissions from the electricity used as 5.2 homes use in one year Saved the same amount of gas as 6.5 people not driving any vehicle for an entire year, by reducing the number of fleet vehicles and minimizing the overall purchase of fuel Saved 24 trees from being cut by changing to 100% recycled content and duplex printing

16 LISO Connection What is LISO? Leadership in Sustainable Operations Motivational method Tracking system Leadership tool Educational awareness How will it work? Unit self-reports progress Focus on implementable and doable actions. Green Teams could serve as cheerleader and gauge progress Climate Change Scorecard Connection Included in self-reporting tool Automatically generate report for Element 10

17 Automatically populates regularly via Forest Service data systems FS Unit enters info once a year (or more, if desired) LISO PORTAL SCREEN Anyone can upload info and share stories at any time. How to connect? Climate Change Scorecard connection here

18 Questions?

19 Sustainability is a Powerful & Defining Idea! A sustainable organization develops and implements a Triple Bottom Line approach, addressing environmental, social, and economic sustainability strategies. GREEN TEAMS are one avenue to facilitate the implementation of sustainable operations principles within the United States Forest Service and Region 5.

20 Bringing it All Together – Our Environmental Footprint and the Climate Change Connection Sustainable Operations: The program of work associated with our Agency approach to “walk the talk” Sustainable Consumption: An ethic paralleling our land ethic; a term to identify the reporting process for our consumption of resources Climate Change: A “tipping point” opportunity to connect the resources we use and our resource management job

21 Bringing it All Together – Our Environmental Footprint and the Climate Change Connection Gifford “insisted that conservation must be reinvigorated, revived, renamed, revitalized by each successive generation, its implications, its urgencies, its logistics and translated in terms of the present of each of them”. - Cornelia Pinchot

22 Informational Resources FEMP Designated: cts.html cts.html ENERGY STAR: hasing hasing EPEAT: Energy Information Administration: (independent statistics & analysis) Office of the Federal Environmental Executive:

23 Training Resources DOE/FEMP Training: GovEnergy 2010: The International Institute for Sustainable Labs: Certified Energy Manager Certification: U.S. Green Building Council: http://www.usgbc.org ENERGY STAR Training: ations ations

24 FS Additional Resources R5/PSW Environmental Footprint Report: Env_Ftprnt_in_the_FS_Pac_SW_Dec_06.pdf Env_Ftprnt_in_the_FS_Pac_SW_Dec_06.pdf R5/PSW Sustainable Operations Survey: PSW Region Sustainable Operations Wiki: _in_the_Forest_Service_Pacific_Southwest _in_the_Forest_Service_Pacific_Southwest Sustainable Operations Western Collective: National Sustainable Operations Website: R5 RO Green Team Intranet Site:

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