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The West Central Women’s Resource Centre H.O.M.E.S Program Presents Rewarding Work.

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2 The West Central Women’s Resource Centre H.O.M.E.S Program Presents Rewarding Work

3 100 200 400 300 400 Income Support + Wages From Welfare to Work DisabilityChildcare + Housing 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 Row 1, Col 1 Non-Profit employers can receive 100% and other employers can receive 50% of this for on-the-job training What are wage subsidies up to $8.75/hr through Employment Manitoba?

5 1,2 This is the Rewarding Work Allowance you can receive per month for work-related costs such as clothing and transportation What is up $100 per month?

6 1,3 People with disabilities can have this much money put aside as a liquid asset. What is $4000 plus $1000 for every dependent, to a household maximum of $8000?

7 1,4 This $35 per month benefit replaces the C.R.I.S.P program, for those with an annual income of less than $20,000 What is the Manitoba Child Benefit?

8 2,1 What is the number of job applications that must be made per week while on General Assistance and how many bus tickets are provided? What are 20 job applications and 0 bus tickets?

9 2,2 Job seekers without children can receive this amount of money per year for general assistance when they complete a personal job plan What is $300?

10 2,3 P.A.C.E. stands for this What is Personal Attendant Community Education? (through the Independent Living Resource Centre)

11 2,4 This is how much EIA pays per child for subsidized child care What is $1 of the $2 fee per child per day?

12 3,1 This is the amount single adults & couples without children may receive as a job seekers allowance. What is $25/ month?

13 3,2 This is a one time payment for those leaving EIA for paid work What is the Get Started Allowance?

14 3,3 EIA can refer people with mental illness experiencing homelessness to a program that will provide them with this Up to $200/ month for rent?

15 3,4 When you leave EIA for work you have 45 days to apply for these benefits What are Rewarding Work Rent Allowance and Health Benefits?

16 4,1 This is the minimum wage What is $8.75 per hour? (as of April 2009)

17 4,2 This EIA Rewarding Work program extends coverage for recipients leaving assistance for paid work for up to 2 years What are drug, dental and optical services?

18 4,3 This is the rent allowance for non disabled adults and couples without children when leaving EIA for employment What is $50/month?

19 4,4 This $35 rent supplement is for persons with disabilities, single parents and couples without children in private rental accommodations What is the Manitoba Shelter Benefit?

20 5,1 You can earn this amount of income each month and remain on assistance What is $200 plus 30% of every other dollar?

21 5,3 Those on disability can receive this much when they volunteer at a community organization What is $50 - $100/ month?

22 5,2 Workers can refer single parents and adults with significant identified barriers to employment (who do not receive EIA Disability) to this to work towards securing a job. What is ‘Job Connections’?

23 5,4 What percentage of households on EIA use their food money for their rent? What is 77%?

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