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February 2014.  We received a grant  Goal is to go paperless  College and Career Readiness  How to best prepare our students for college Right now.

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1 February 2014

2  We received a grant  Goal is to go paperless  College and Career Readiness  How to best prepare our students for college Right now many college courses are offered on-line, classes are being flipped, textbooks are digital, etc…….we need to be ready for the future

3  Signed by Parent and Student  Option 1 or Option 2 – parent decides whether or not the iPad leaves the school  Cases stay on the iPads  iPads are returned at the end of the school year

4  This contract is entered into between the Unadilla Valley Central School District and the parent/guardian of: . I agree that my child will use the student device provided for learning purposes ONLY and I also agree to the following:  The device being assigned to my child is the property of the Unadilla Valley Central School and will be returned to the Unadilla Valley Central School District by the end of each school year on the date requested by the administrator. I acknowledge that the use of this device by my child is for his/her educational benefit, and in return I accept the foregoing terms of use.  I agree to permit my child to connect this device to our home internet service to complete school assignments. If internet service is not available, I will let my child’s teacher know so that arrangements can be made when my child has homework assignments on-line.  I agree to supervise my child when they use this device to connect to the internet at home and will not hold the District responsible for any online misbehavior by my child when at home.  I will provide an atmosphere that will encourage the responsible participation of my son/daughter in the computing program.

5  In case of damage to or malfunction of the device, I will immediately notify my student’s building principal.  In case the device is stolen, I will report the theft to the police and provide a copy of the police report, a case number and other information that may be necessary to my student’s building principal. I understand that this device has been purchased with state funds and is subject to investigation in the case of theft. My child and I agree that we are responsible for damage to the assigned device and accessories if it is lost or stolen.  I understand that if damage is caused by my child, I may be held financially responsible. The District will address these situations on a case-by-case basis, but understand that I will be financially responsible for all damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse.  I have reviewed the Unadilla Valley Central School District Administrative Regulations for Internet Protection and agree to encourage my child to follow its expectations.  I understand that failure to comply with the terms of the contract may result in my son/daughter’s disqualification from using the shared device.

6  I will take good care of the shared device I am assigned.  I will never leave the device unsecured.  I will never loan out the device to other individuals.  I will keep food and beverages away from the device since they may cause damage to it.  I will protect the device by keeping it in the case and handling it with care.  I will not place decorations on the device or the power cords. I will also not write on the device.

7  I understand that the device and carrying case are subject to inspection at any time without prior notice.  I will follow the terms outlined by the Unadilla Valley Administrative Regulations for Internet Protection. (see student handbook)  I will immediately report any damage, malfunction or loss of the device to the principal.  I agree to return the device, power cords and case in good working condition.  I will not disassemble any part of my digital device or attempt any repairs.  I agree that I am responsible for damage to my assigned device and accessories even if they are lost or stolen.  I will charge my digital device’s battery daily.

8  Wi-Fi access  Filtering  Access to Network  Mail address  Supply certain Apps  Provide maintenance of device

9  iPad is an educational tool and a privilege, NOT a right.  We are learning along with the students.  The only way we will get better is to use the device and try different things.  We have provided sheets of various tips and facts for you to reference.  If your child causes damage or loses the iPad, you will be held financially responsible based on market value.

10  iPads should come to school every day fully charged. Not having your iPad ready to use in a classroom is considered not being prepared for class.  Students should not deface the physical device. (stickers, markers, etc.)  We encourage students to decorate the cases. ◦ Everyone has the same case and you will need to somehow identify your iPad.

11  Do not use any liquids to clean the screens. Only use Microfiber cloths.  Students can use their own iTunes account and we highly recommend the account not be attached to a credit card.  iPads cannot sync with home computers.  We are supplying one charger only. It will cost $40 to replace the charger. Chargers must be returned in June with the iPad.

12  Be careful of “cheap” chargers. They can cause fires and damage the device.  Students in grades 10-12 now have their own email account. Address is last name, first three letters of their first name  Sample email John Student would be  All email is archived in accordance with NYS law.

13  Go to: https://login.microsoftonline.com  Sign-in with email username and password (password is the same as what you use for school network)



16  UVCS Technology Committee – any questions or problems contact Mrs. Schowe or HS Learning Center

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